No title necessary: A Romantic Poem for a Honey Bee.

(No title necessary)

The sunrises so you can cherish it.

The moon exists so you can have light at night.

Birds chirps to sing for you.

The grass grows so you can decide if you’re walking in the sidewalk or going to have a picnic.

Cars are nice and safe so you can admire them and ride in them in style.

Building have roofs so you don’t get cold or uncomfortable when it rains.

Food tastes good so you enjoy eating for nourishment.

Money exists so someone can buy you flowers they couldn’t grow.

If I made a million a year, I’d give you 25% to be my wife.

50% to be exclusive with me.

75% to handle all the finances while catering to me, as I return the favor. I am terrible with money but I can grow things and I can cook, clean, do laundry, dishes, etc for myself, and for you.

100% to hold your hand and talk about the weather.

But only from $1 milli-on.

The rest is mine to spend on art supplies.

Copic and POSCA’s ain’t cheap. My tablet is lovely but at times I don’t understand which layers to keep.

That said I don’t compete nor do I care what “Billi” takes to get on.

If that’s what it takes to be happy, the. the buyer got it wrong.

I just need clothes, food, fun and water. I’d like to converse with you about:

The ocean

The sky



Maybe Harry Potter

Along those lines, something along.

Your name is my hearts gong.

I’d not pay cash, nor sing a song.

I’d love my life with you until I am done.

I think your smile is number one.

I saw it on Instagram shortly after we met and thought “bet”.


You Kadabra’d my Abra.

You Pikachu’d my Pichu.

My ditto wasn’t fodder for eggs, but instead it worked the field like a Tauros with sturdy legs.

I will plant you Oddish and Sunflora within any diaspora.

No Jirachi, no cha-chi, no games.

When I held your hand it was plain.

It’s in our stars.

It’s in our names.

Life path numbers fit tight. Insane.

A rose is a rose despite delineation.

Hydrangea bloom in beautiful oscillation.

What a wonderful creation.

I had them to you to smile at your elation.

I’d like to tend to your carnation. Water it and watch it bloom. Bring the sunshine like it was high noon.

How can it be that we met so… abruptly?

You said hi.

I said no thanks and goodbye.

I didn’t want to lie.

I saw myself in a twinkle in your eye.

I was hallucinating, or maybe I read this book. How much love can a woman pack into a first impression, a few words and a single look?

What was that?

I was a blue Clifford, and you came in like a big pink cat.

I walked away. You texted me.

I was shook.


Even stirred.

What is love?

Is it from the loins below or the heavens above?

Should I say how I feel or sigh, and in your presence huff, puff and give you a gentle shove?

What is love?

From whence doth it grow?

Do you have answer, because I don’t know.

I love you deeply, my dearest.

Upon my marriage, a punch to my skull and another dismay of an adulterous display, I fear.

That’s why I didn’t let you near.

I was a rabbit in a cage to turn someone else’s page.

A sowed what I reaped.

I met someone who was brilliant and her I wanted to keep, but her room and habits needed a sweep.

I thought: “Okay, they do this to men all the time. She makes more business sense and I can do the rest. I’ll be fine.”

You can’t put lipstick on someone who doesn’t appreciate or desire to fine dine.

Even with 5 figures sitting around, to play and hug, for that kind of person, it’s never the time.

Crossed were each and every single sacred line I once held.

It only occurred after our meld.

To what end?

What game?

At any rate.

My palm in yours.

To be on this earth with you, should you have me, I think is why I came.

Share this poem if you love someone and feel the same.



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