[Random Thought] What if there’s a race or group of people who have mastered mental manipulation tactics? And, the internet, and popular streaming apps are enmeshed with particular schemes to force society in a certain direction at the expense of existing cultures?

[Introspection] What if there’s a race or group of people who have mastered mental manipulation tactics? And, the internet and popular streaming apps are enmeshed with particular schemes to force society in a certain direction at the expense of existing cultures.

hypothetical situation

What if…

I don’t know…

Let’s say you live in a specific country where certain people that you only see on tv finally appear.

How would you react?

Would you put them where your phone and television puts/places them?

hypothetical situation

For example, consider someone who burns easy in sunlight showing up to a country where people do not.

They say, “We are from (church) and you are living in (squalor). Take these phones. Take these shirts. Take these credit cards, but bow to our god. Not yours. Yours don’t recognize our greatness as a race. Ours does. So we use it to entrain you the right way. So, like, take our entrainment already. I gotta go back to the country where I don’t matter that my ancestors stole from someone else… I just happened to be born on that soil and made a bunch of artificial divides. Don’t worry, we’ll be back as gods one day. Meanwhile, DANCE MONKEY DANCE! Uncultured, uncivilized, fucks. Here’s our (deity). Eat that shit up. Speak (our language) now please so we can put more businesses on your land. We can’t teach you how to compete with us unless we own your means of production first. Then, we gotta minimize you while you work for us. Otherwise, you won’t know your place in the way that we designed for you to know it. If we teach you how to compete, you’ll win. We gotta come in with one language, one mindset, and an initiative to manifest our destiny… on your soil. We tried doing it in other countries. It created civil unrest once they caught on that the things we do with technology, they had been doing naturally for centuries. Anyway, my religion, or … um… you know… you’re wrong. Like, I can say and speak nicely, but the truth is, I have a running tally of my conversions. It’s a game I play. The actual meaning behind it means nothing. Our sons need to pollenate. Our daughters are… well… (sighs)…(shows you reality TV). They do this (shows you porn). But we want them to do this: (shows you a church pamphlet). We don’t even do it, but we figured if we are strategic enough in our lies, our kids will be who we want them to be… I couldn’t be honest, outside of just words I flap. I pretend to be nice when there is something in it for me. Never actually built any bonds that were genuinely just cool, or good. I never understood that. I have, and I want. When I am not wanting, I am having. You can see it by sugary snacking habits. Whoa, but I can’t give you sugar or the top shit. The resources we stole from you to make this shit are dying. We need to take your land. Kill you off and create more people like us… So all that’s left is a bunch of hoarders killing themselves over bullshit… Then, we go to another planet and do the same thing. Don’t you see… our culture inherently can’t moderate… anything. We need to kill you off by forcing you to be the same way. Hey, by the way… that phone in your hand… would you like to use it from your brain? Your god is watching from space, and we deduced it hurls meteors where we live in “sin”. We’re putting satellites up to block god’s eye and be gods down here. Just believe in the god we create, and you’ll be okay. Also, make sure to never speak ill of our people in power. They have money. So, to themselves they are gods… The whole ‘value creates value’ thing. Even though… most economies are fine when people get taught things and do their own shit. Too much competition means no oversight though. No oversight means, you will rise up. You rising up means, we don’t own you. Nothing else. Nothing deeper. This is about ownership. We used to do it with fear and pain, and we learned, that isn’t real. You’ll bite the hand that feeds you if you don’t like it. It’s fun to kill off the stupid ones, but your capable ones have more value than our sons and daughters. We need them. We need to groom and mold them. It’s starts here. At the roots. Help us create your problems and then show up with solutions, and have those solutions make things worse at certain scales so we can come in, patch things up, but in a manner than requires us to come back. Also, we’ll send our kids here on missions and such. Thanks.”

They give you a new roof, water, access to food, and medicine. When they hand you a phone, they do it as if they solved a global issue… by giving you a phone.

hypothetical situation

The tools, toys and devices they bring cause an uproar and your government decides:

“We need to welcome our new guests. They come here, give us things and keep us safe.
What has more value than food and water? Entertainment. What provides the most entertainment value? Emotional and physical connection. Find a supply and means of transacting both.”

Now, your country is in debt.

hypothetical situation

The only way out are the people who caused the debt.

Your women are hungry.

Your men are angry.

(Women are programmed to identify and fall for competition. It’s how mating games are played.)

The new visitors are genetically inferior, and the women don’t particularly care for their modes of competition, but they gotta eat. They don’t know how to grow food anymore because the water is scarce or being used by a company the new guests brought in.

Little by little, the women of your country awaken to new ideals. The new ideals look great at first.

“Ultimate freedom,” the more attractive, but for the most part more useless women, start praising this.

Men from the visiting nations offer them freedom and salvation while slowly ruining yours.

hypothetical situation

Over time, they leave behind a mountain of debt, missing women, and an angry horde of men who clear the land of each other: they have the food they don’t want to grow for women they don’t want.

This was their plan from the start, you realize.

Meanwhile, you look at your son in a VR headset, and your daughter idolizing her favorite “OnlyFans” page.

Your son goes blind at 30. Your daughter can’t hold a steady conversation, but she can hold a job and dick with money at the end of it. That’s become the general perception of women in your society as the guest have slowly stripped your women of their value as they’ve done with their own over centuries. It’s embedded in their culture to make the woman less valuable. Women who are too valuable will not breed their sons. Their sons have to resort to “knocking them down a peg” or playing “Pick up artist.”

hypothetical situation

Then, your mind explodes as you realize the guests who brought you the toys, you realize, only created them because the men hate their own women. The only way they can get mating opportunities is strategic bullshit; like making movies about their kids who do not want to breed in a whimsical, comical fashion, starring “blonde white woman”.

You bring your concerns up to your nation’s leaders. Nothing happens. You fall for a “visiting woman.”

You learn:

hypothetical situation

  • she doesn’t wash
  • she doesn’t enjoy sex even when she says it was good; she’d prefer to use a toy and speed through it because “she has more important things to do”
  • she picks her skin, her nose, toes, and all these little habits you have never seen <— but she criticizes you for not knowing what a water bottle is or how it’s used.
  • she can work a job
  • she grows things, but not really. Growing food for her is a passive hobby. She doesn’t actually comprehend it nor does she genuinely care about what she’s growing. It’s food. It had no soul… but it’s nourishment for a being with a presumed soul… hmm. Soulless food for soulful people. Hmm.
  • she essentially doesn’t enjoy anything natural except lapses in hygiene
  • she lies in ways that are confusing (smiling and giggling when she says and does fucked up shit) and lies even harder when you mention it
  • she wants but doesn’t want and at her best is a ball of anxiety that is competing with something she never brings up: a prettier sister, a parent, a tv persona, a hologram on her phone
  • she wants to compete and wants a competitive man
  • no competition is enough for her
  • her family treats you like a criminal and hangs on your every word specifically for the opportunity to correct you or call you out

hypothetical situation

You suffocate under the pressure of the games and situations she put you both in to pursue whatever she thought success was.

You decide to leave her but during your relationship, you lost key fragments of yourself.

^ Your country makes the same conclusion about what its relationship has been with the visitors.

Everyone wants them out. Not gone or dead or anything like that. You just want them out and in their own space.

They’ve been hoarding resources and pumping out “pro-visitor” propaganda in the form of “entertainment” that subtly tells you what they’re doing. Some of the visitors are very wealthy, and very sick – spiritually and mentally – and they enjoy creating and causing specific future-based fears so they can tell you:

hypothetical situation

“We’re the heroes. We gave but didn’t teach. We preached. We heard. We didn’t listen. We took more than we gave.”

What do you do here?



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