If we want to solve traffic fatalities, AI isn’t the way to go. Instead, we should strive for a more fit public who can utilize services for larger transportation needs.

We should encourage people to help make soil fertile, and there should be a global initiative to get everyone to grow some food for themselves, or designate community gardens in each town/city.

There should be an international no internet day, where ALL heat transmitting data exchanging transmitters are shut off.

Imo, having around the clock services encourages around the clock behavior.

Just a thought as I watch this documentary:

No one needs AI.

No one needs automation.

People who want automation want to extract value by not doing the required small steps to make each interaction and data set meaningful.

Data exchanges are only as meaningful as the emotions that create and enter them.

When ai and automation handle specific tasks, the tasks are efficient, but the work loses meaning.



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