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I am still working on my flagship novel.

I made several comics in between, and wrote other books in between. Like, 30,000 word novels.

Like, bro, who writes a novel to put off writing a novel?

I have written and trashed more content for posts than I have actually written and edited within my novel lately.

I have felt too emotionally overwhelmed to put my best into it. I have made many changes in my life that I do not take lightly and the emotional power required to enact them drained me of spirit and vigor.

I can’t have meaningful connections with my actions when I feel that way. I don’t if that makes sense to anyone else except me.


Created by Mark Anthony Figueroa, plasmids are entities composed of natural elements, like gold and silver.

Plasmids bodies are kept together by magic plasma that represents their soul.

Each Plasmid has a distinct plasma signature and only attracts its corresponding, complementary signature. There is only one Plasmid per Plasmid. Plasmids must choose wisely. They have three paths: the path of nothing, every other path, and then the path of their actualized success.

Plasmids are monogamous for life because they form what is called “Plasmosis” with their partner.

Plasmosis is what allows Plasmids to create their purpose.

Plasmosis is an emotional spiritual bond that lasts for one unit of eternity. Not just any two Plasmids can forge Plasmosis. The two who share it before forming it are aware that they share Plasmosis.

On the shirts, Plasmids never touch.

The people wearing them do though.

What do you do with this information?


Do you wear shirts?

Do you love someone who can wear shirts?

Are you in love, and can you and your love interest wear shirts?

If yes…

Help your Plasmid reach for its Plasmid.

Buy a set of Mark Figueroa’s Plasmid tees, sweaters, and accessories today!



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