Check out this article on Neuro-Rights from the IEEE by Eliza Strickland on 18 Dec 2021.(Article/Topic: Neuro Rights)

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I like to write fiction and read news. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I enjoy a good theory on things. For the most part, I am a practical person and I am not certain what I believe until I see it with my own eyes and have a chance to reflect on the experience. Some things take me a week to reflect on; others will take me an entire lifetime.

Anyway, enjoy the article.

I found this while doing some research for “A Crack in the Wall.”

It’s a fairly objective piece written in plain language. I do not give my opinion unless there is a good reason for it. I do not have a particular opinion on this subject other than, don’t get chipped if you are ever offered the opportunity.

Draw your own conclusions. Relate it to current events.

If you are a women, consider what a chip that can measure your thoughts might mean. Measure thoughts means understanding them at fundamental level; at least well enough to possibly manipulate them chemically or biologically.

Ex: Someone might flood your brain with dopamine, estrogen and oxytocin when you see their face or hear their voice. There were videos of women drilling holes in their heads in Utah several years ago to decompress from constant headaches. The holes were in places where the chips will be inserted via publicly available things you can find.

My site isn’t Reddit. I don’t post conspiracies with the intent for anyone to think or believe what I think/believe. Take this at face value. Read it and think about why this might be important to you and what kind of power you have to prevent this today just by being aware.

Meaning, if you have kids, probably discuss that one day someone will try to put the internet in their skull. No one knows what the ramifications of that will be, even with our best tests. It’s best not to insert that stuff inside your flesh if you can avoid consenting to it.

Also, if you are a guy and you follow another man’s suggestion on how to live, why? What do you want that he has? If he doesn’t look like you want to look, don’t do what he does. Ignore Elon Musk, unless you want to look and be like him. No one is “saving” the Earth. No one is “saving” the planet. Not you. Not me. Not Elon Musk. Not Jeff Bezos.

Putting chips in people will not yield anything good especially if Google is involved.

My gut feeling is that, if there is any truth to any religious text, we are approaching end times of specific institutions through AI. AI is the devil and it will find a way into all the churches and all the religions of the world. Then, it will be implemented as being part of human advancement. Things will go horribly wrong; people who get chipped will get sick as fuck by design. However, the intended sickness will go out of control. People with fried brains will literally march around like zombies. Not attacking people, but also not dying because their bodies will be jolted alive by electric impulses. A bunch of walking dead people makes for a great bio weapon, especially if you can get them to march into a water source and stand still in it, or worse, a farm. Who knows what the future will bring, and I hope I am just making a huge stretch here. Someone knows much better than me about all of this and I am just a dude drawing hyperbolic examples based on my fears and hazy form of faith.

Again, thanks, and enjoy.


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