Night Fire (poem)

Pace in place

Broken light sticks

Neon path

Limited moonlight

NVG goggles

Bullet bath

Learning and maneuvering

Training and combat-thinking, on the apot math

A fear of guns, since very young

Boom and bang

Slumped over

Little kid like paper, what a mess, man

Crumbled and wrinkled

Like a puppet dropped from the sky

By a round, lost and sprinkled

Southside Bethlehem, outsider, but in the group, in

Protected by a great friend

No rumors

No buzzin’

In return, I befriended and watched the back of his closest cousins

Dominican kids, I wasn’t hood, ghetto and I was into much of nothing

Kingdom Hearts

Sneaking my mom’s booze until getting the sharts

For some reason booze usually gave me the farts

I stuck to the plant; with weed, and Zelda, soul and mind freed

Several years later a friend died

Close as kids

He was killed near his home

Still in highschool, otherside of the country, no friends, family issues, alone even at home

I would pop pills, and smoke weed until the ceiling spun and I started to groan

Blunts dipped in hydrocodeine

I left home and became a Marine

It taught me respect, order and being an alcoholic who looks clean

Worked out real well, until I got injured and my contract was done, because of some pain, I was no longer lean

Anyway, fire at night

I think of the path in the dark under the moonlight

Pacing in silence

Lit targets

A night in Twenty Nine Palms



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