Tiktok CEO’s kids don’t use Tiktok. Tiktok is not accessible to children under 13 in most countries per the Tiktok CEO.


*Who knows if this clip is a deepfake though. I def don’t. I assume everything on the internet requires additional scrutiny and an irl/unbiased discussion with the subject

I don’t have kids and I am afraid to bring life into this world especially while things like this exist.

Raising children is a collaborative effort that can be all for naught based on someone else’s actions or one’s own untentional actions.

Too many variables.

Too much accountability.

Too little practical oversight.

I’d rather contain my responsibilites to a good / happy and “natural for me” relationship with a woman who I want who wants me back and we accept each others’ terms because they align with who we are.

I feel that even then, raising kids and being in the same page about raising kids is an entirely different complicated conversation.

If Tiktok disappears, there’s just gonna be another with a different name made by god knows who for a reason we will never know.

I am a child myself personally.

I like to goof off and sleep, and be silly.

I don’t have a strict bone, and I am overly compassionate despite my very cold, quiet demeanor outside of being goofy at times because I am self concsious.

I am incredibly soft and any children I have will have little chance of survival in a ruthless world.

I am not adult beyond physical measure, military service and post-graduate education.

I just want to lay around, make out, make art, share music, cartoons, games and movies and exercise with a hot, smart woman who I can live a self-sustaining life with…. Growing food, weed, etc.

Think Goku and Izumi Curtis from Full Metal Alchemist except she looks like Android 18 with long curly hair… or Android 21 with blonde highlights.

No clue how the romance would function. Idk how it would work.

I am self-conscious romantic who doesn’t express romance yet wants it and craves it, but doubts it at every turn.

Really weird mix.

I have wanted the same shit since I was in highschool: a hot woman to lounge around and converse with as we make love randomly, and enjoy the same shit. Sex, peace, gratitude, simplicity, art, culture, travel, science, food, exploration and love… and video games, and meaningful, small holiday and birthday celebrations.

The more education / experience I have, the more I treasure fleeting moments of tranquility and genuine emotion shared with a like minded person.

Anyway, back to the main focus, anyone with kids, consider the effects of isolation and over stimulation and exposure to potentially mature information and concepts.

I think children below 13 should be on a very restricted internet montored by their school and their parents. I feel schools should do a monthly audit of their students’ web habits on school devices. Teaching kids someone looks at their data will best prepare them for the real world later on.

Kids 14-18, should have a government owned social media that screens for potential radicalness born from abuse and domestic issues, or other markers. Then, 18 and on, adults should be encouraged to serve in the military or some outfit to some capacity in order to travel and find themselves, while building a community of their own.

A controlled handsoff approach is best from my childless perspective, assuming the parents agree, like each other and can collaborate with minimal friction. Even then, who knows how a kid might turn out based on their view of the world.

Food for thought. My blog has random rants.


Stay tuned for my short stories and fiction.

Feel free to bash or correct my opinion(s).

I am not a pundit and I don’t write to be edgy or anything. I need to write, so I do. I write all the time, everywhere. I cannot help it. Same with drawing. I write and draw in the same way a singer must sing. Doesn’t matter what it is.

I like for it to have meaning and matter, but a lot of it is just free thought and good vibes being expressed on a medium.



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