No Need to Write You A love Song (Character short; romance)

High beams passed along the Riverside highway, shimmering in brilliant beauty, illuminating the pavement. Waves crashing under the evening sky created a steady rhythm resembling soft chatter. Kalcyphir leaned over the rail, staring into the Hudson. He examined the abyss for his own reflection, incapable of seeing nothing but the shimmering darkness that will eventually claim him as it does all. Elles rubbed his back, smiling at the same rolling waves. Marveling at the beauty of all the imperceptible and unimaginable life floating gracefully beneath the surface, Elles pressed herself against Kalcyphir’s arm. She felt all, despite not understanding. She didn’t need to. She barely understood herself despite half a millennium of life, and that was okay. It just meant there was more to explore, more to experience, more to be lived. She stared at her immortal soulmate. “La lumière ne peut exister sans l’obscurité,” she whispered, gazing into the side of Kalcyphir’s face, inhaling his scent.

Kalcyphir sighed. He wasn’t going to say anything. He didn’t need to ruin the moment; another fleeting moment that will eventually fade like a match flame. There was no escaping the truth of all existence. Each moment will end. Elles will eventually end as so many before her. Her beautiful face, beautiful smile and the dimples that accompany it will fade into another chapter of his past. Such is the nature of things. Such is the nature of all momentary joys and the illusory warmth of tranquility that overtakes anyone foolish enough to forget that being is a prelude to returning home. Another moment passed in silence, taking on meaning words could scarcely express for both of them. Elles and Kalcyphir.



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