“Humans will be on Mars in 5 years, best case. 10 years worst case,” Elon Musk. One of the best interviews I have seen. Makes me excited for the future. Enjoy!

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I am not an optimist by any means. This interview made me optimistic.

I enjoyed the governing segment the most as it was really the only one I understood the best. Elon’s proposition of direct democracy and easy to read laws makes sense.

I also like the concept of evolving rules and regulations. I feel that rules and regs would be best audited every other year.

For example:

Here is the common lifecycle of a new regulation.

Year 0a – 0b: reg is proposed, reviewed and approved.

Y1: reg implemented with monthly/quarterly reviews.

Y2: audit historical data. Adjust for Y3 while continuing Y1 ops through Y2.

Then, repeat for Y3 and Y4.

I believe Elon Musk is one of the most enlightened men of our time. It would be an honor to meet him in person. Dude just seems cool.

Lex brings up great points with well structured leading questions.

The self-driving portion of the video was very entertaining to me.

Then, the aspects to be coded to address the perception problem are very well discussed.

Again, I don’t know anything about most of what they talked about, but it was fascinating.

Mr. Musk, if you ever read any of my work, I sincerely believe you are on the precipice of human history and you make it every single day. Thank you.

Hopefully, I do something valuable enough to be interviewed by Lex Fridman or Tom Bileyu from Impact Theory. I failed at so many different things I doubt that it will ever happen. I have no clue what I am good at or what even enjoy.

Ideally, I grow/smoke good weed and write some awesome awesome stories that people I admire, like Elon Musk, enjoy. I am a huge fan, and should probably act like it. I felt so bad over one of my comments on Twitter that it reminded me of each time I treated someone mean because I like them.

The worst was a girl I really liked. Just cold shoulder. Complete brush off. Not because I was playing some pick up artist crap. She scared me. She said we were soulmates. It scared me to my core. I do not believe in soulmates. I feel that we are like clouds. We are born, we age, decay and fade away as we enjoy one horizon and set sail for another.

If soulmates and twin flames exist, what do they mean?

Can other people tell? Are twin flames/soulmate relationships effortless? If so, how? Why? Why do soulmates exist? What does it mean about energy? What does it say about atoms?

What do you do with your soulmate/person if you find them/they find you?

What if she/he changes shape or form? (accident, disease, etc)

What if you change? What if you know they won’t want you if you change?

How do you know if something is right for you? Do you dream about it? Do you crave it? How does it work? I am a passionate person, but I do not understand how anyone is supposed to respond in that situation.

If someone really likes you and you like them back and you don’t know what to do, what do you do?

Or worse, if you like someone, and you don’t know why… how do you reconcile that? I like someone and I have no clue why.



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