YTF: Youtube Food: Brain Transparency by the World Economic Forum. Exciting and promising or the gateway drug to mnemosyne rewriting and control? How much are your thoughts worth?

The WEF: who can out think us?

You: This is fine. They got it.

The WHO: In your house pleb.

You: I got the flu… covid… or reality is a simulation… everyone is right. That’s why I feel so bad.

Billionaires: (buy farmland, laws, news and social media) The world is in crisis! It’s all our faults!

You: (studio through 3000 sqft home outside Cali and Texas) Recycle. (company) keeps burning landfills. I must recycle. I must recycle for humanity.

Billionaires: Let’s go to space!

You: But… I… I… yes! Space. of course! EXTRA LAND! EXTRA TERRESTRIAL SPACE! Of course extra terrestrials exist!!!! ALIENS! (ignores the obvous land grab via the extra terrestrial movement)



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