RT: Random Thought: Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

For me, it just depends. Here’s several examples:

Are you alive?

Are you dead?

Is this limbo?

Is this heaven?

Is this hell?

Why is the sky blue?

If the earth is actually round, what determines the friction of baro clinic waves on uneven surfaces? And, can we control the weather if we knew? Specifically, using simple land manipulation make places more air able overnight from even the slightest amount of troughing brushing over a surface? Could we create uneven slopes in mountain ranges to increase friction and thereby produce natural lightening rods to power shit?

Maybe like a pyramid… with a metal pipe on top… then… have holes extending pipes from the pyramids into other locations? Rather than relying on man made tech, cables, wires, etc for electricity, can we slightly terraform certain geographic locations with the vehicles we already have? Maybe take all the landfills, cover them in dirt, put out perpetual fires that burn our oxygen…???

Is it necessary for humans to go to space? If so, why? What do I know about space? How do I know it is valid? Who is telling me this? What work did they do to arrive at their answer? ***Who is paying them for their work, if not taxes?***

Can we use Elon Musk’s automated rockets to send perpetually burning landfill to a far region of space?

Maybe things like: “did you see that arm” shit? Or, “I saw (person) at the foot of my bed again. How long ago did they die?” Or, “I was biking and (person) waved at me. They looked exactly like (person).” Or, “I was up at 3:45 am in Chandler Arizona and there was a large buzzing and humming vibration near the Honeywell plant on Hunt Highway. Did you hear it too?”

Dude, what is this about?

My real questions:

Is divorce okay?

Does god care?



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