Perchance to Dream; Remember September (Poem; Batman reference and emotional release. Enjoy.)

If lips could lock and tongues could talk

Wouldst thou allow your hand in mine on a short walk

Perhaps a daquiri, peach

For you

For me

Perhaps a blunt


Ivy of poison bespoke to thine I am chosen

The symbol in the sky

Should you need, just think, shout, wail

If thou be thee and with I, myself given to thee

Eyes can see

Ears can hear

Hands can touch

Hearts can feel

Minds can link

Fears can shrink

Souls can mate

Should we be we?

Can I say, on one knee, I do love thee


The ocean it shimmers

Back at home, the food simmers

Does it matter if we are not slimmer?

Maybe let us rise.

Would you find it a surprise if our waists should increase in size as we eat sweets on the beach with coffee at sunrise?

My heart is big

There is a hole

No secret, No squirrel

Honor, courage, commitment–moral

Zero, zero





To speak and spoke

Art thou bespoke?

Thine friends and mine

No jokes

No tricks

No games

No bae

No babe

No swine of mind is of my kind

Your name is mine because mine is yours

Never, ever, for… ever? More?

Flame, dear flame

Twin of mine

Fear not

I have had my time

No need for another

No openings here

No betrayal fear

It happened to me

Firsthand, I did surely see

A gaslight, a fist, a bite, curse, abandon, even debating frump dump and let’s go Brandon, can be detrimental to you, and me

The point, wine, and a joint

A point to be made

By us should life be made

If it should come to it

For you, my life I will humbly trade

I knew when I saw

I felt

The blow was dealt

Wind in sails

Words will never fail

Let us honor truth

Lovers tell no tales

Let us age like wine and move like snails

Retired, lets be

Sit around admire eyes, giggles

Delicate thighs

Same place, no time

The light in your eyes makes my heart brightly shine

Kingdom Hearts

“I’ll come back, Kairi!”–“I know you will!”

Will and Nia

Warm hearts, sometimes manos fria

Miramos el sol suvir sobre el dia

Pinto y dibujo al lado de la playa

Tu disfrutas como quieres, no faya

Inuyasha, Kagome

Your breath stinks

Mine does too

We can floss later

Just hold me

Set in stone and take it slow

We may not understand where our love will go

Will it shrink or grow

If you hurt me, I may stay or go, I do not know, but at this juncture, lest my beliefs receive a puncture:

Relaxed accountability, which means

We learn as we go.

Planning too hard, sorry, but no.

Not that I am lazy, but too much too fast and we will go crazy.

Consult from friends, not always, it depends

Jealousy isn’t obvious, those who feel it will know and will do their best to create a show

Ask those who are old and in the know

Relationships to some is some kind of race.

Those with the love they want, go at their pace.

What is yours cannot be mine, vice verse, until we intertwine.

Is premarital sex fine? Doth such make us swine?

There’s Goku and Chi-chi.

And, Yuremeshi and Keiko.

Stay. Don’t go.

With you is where my heart is.

Sing in the Marquee.

A romance poem by me, Mr. Figueroa, Mark Anthony. Not sure how to this, and who knows, but I read a lot thus my vocab grows. If this romance, let me know.

If I did it right, let’s meet on the beach and dip our toes.

Sponge Bob and Sandy

Or, in our hearts, Sponge Bob and Patrick

Possibly Billy and Mandy

Let’s live on a farm by a river, with good soil

Many animals, many kids, no plan B

I don’t care for brands

I do enjoy highwaist… string… bands 🤤

B Cup or greater

I like squeezing and grabbing

Nipples like tater, teach and be taught

Intelligence, dependability, respect, reverance, and that ass–that’s pretty hot

Eagles in flight

Even 50 years later, we got it right

If not, at least it was always honest and true

No disrespect, no cheating, never malice or omission, maybe some minor offenses, but even after kids, there are no surprises, literally no problems between me and you

Nor you with me

I have no faith that such a thing could be

I wished and tried once

Every day I was jealous, afraid and felt like a dunce

I only wanted to get married once

Holding a shoe as she was enjoying kissing some dude

Friends said, “Hey do you see? Look man, with your own eyes. Sorry.”

I tried not to care and avoided being rude

I was glad to just be out with my friends, and enjoyed my time there

I met anither girl and felt ashamed

Told her a lie, so insane

The random shoes, belonged to a childhood friend, someone I had known since chil-der-en 👀🤷🏻‍♂️

I felt she was one. At least at that time.

It’d be wild if she found me through this rhyme.

A name I don’t remember

Earth, wind and fire

Do you remember the 21st night of September?



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