“Offenses which are committed through desire are more blame-able than those which are committed through anger.” – Theophrastus

–from Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“…He who is excited by anger seems to turn away from reason with a certain pain and unconscious contraction;

But he who offends through [intentional] desire, [thus] being overpowered by [a specific form of] pleasure, seems to be in a manner more intemperate and more womanish in his offenses.

Rightly then, and in a way worthy of philosophy…the offense which is committed with pleasure is more blame-able than that which is committed with pain;

And on the whole, the one is more like a person who has been first wronged and through pain is compelled to be angry;

But the other is moved by his own impulse to do wrong, being carried towards doing something by desire.”

Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations . Pandora’s Box. Kindle Edition.



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