BCR (Horror Poem)

From the egg it emerged

Translucent, transparent, in bile submerged

Clawing and scratching, it continued the process of hatching

Alone and angry

One of few

The Rock Goodbye Baby needed something to chew

Plopping on the ground, absorbing light, its hair grew

Size multiplied by two

About the size of a gallon of water

Hungry and ready to slaughter

WAAAAAAGH! It cried.

Woe were the first to allow it inside

Shrieking, then gnawing

Escape they tried

No survivors

Even the baby died

A mess was left inside

Torn flesh

Scattered and shredded

The dog was left beheaded

A sight to see

Grim and ghastly

A mouth ripped at the jaw

Finger ripped between the knuckles

Eyes scraped raw

The atrocities one never wished to see

The newscasters even refused to mention it on tv

No one knew, the government lied

For years, the Rock Goodbye Baby roamed the American Countryside

Tearing and feasting

A frightening, small, shrieking beastling

Breeding with rats

Mating with cats

It wore no hats

Unworthy unshielding, yielding mutated bats

Unholy seedlings

The trifecta:

The birth of the “Bat Cat Rat”

Blind with bat wings, Meowing and yowling it sings, and a long ratty tail with several rings

“Rawor!” It shrieked, blind and starving. Bat Mandibles, Cat and rat teeth, this creature wasn’t just after beef.

Flying and soaring, in the air it was wailing and roaring.

“RAWOR! MREOOWR! MRAOR!” it announced. Its voice was like a cat eating a mouse, except it echoed in the skies, not just a house. Bat, Cat and Rat screaming as one. Dear god, no other atrocity could compete with this one.



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