My friend, Trembles (horror short)

“My, my, life on loan, yet you moan and groan about being alone. Thou doth soon changeth thy tone. A wish, you wish?” said “Trembles” the Skeleton.

Trembles stood eight feet tall.

Rats crawled up his legs, occasionally scampering up his vertebrae and popping out of an eye socket to observe what was going on.

Trembles, well, trembled. A sun-washed, stained and gritty, ivory creature with the appearance of Parkinson’s.

In one hand, Trembles held “The Book of Shivers,” or as he called it, with a skeleton grin, “The BoS.”

“A wish to grant, soul to toss, let me consult, my guide, my boss,” Trembles would say to children in their dreams.

Like many underground Mantlean entities, Trembles was as old as the formation of certain metals and ore on the planet. Trembles was trembles. He was the only one of his kind among the “Skull and Bones Skeleton Throne.”

He had the power to grant the wishes of children. To them, he appeared as an imaginary friend. To adults, well, Trembles was trembling.

“Look, it’s Silly Sally!” said a child peeking under his bed.

With a grin, two shiny eyes, and a rag doll’s head out Trembles rolled. My how he sped, rolling out from under the bed.

“Keep it down kids, or Sally will go to Bali. Now, we’ve been friends. How about some wishes, shall we? If not for you, then mommy and daddy? Silly Sally will make it happen, gladly.” Trembles said madly.

Outside a winter brought on by the Polar Cell, possibly Ferrell, definitely not the Hadley.

“Hi, little Charles and Bradley,” said their pal, Silly Sally. “Remember, time is scant. Playtime is a can’t if you have less than a wish for me to grant.”

“Sally, that’s silly! I wish we knew what to wish for, maybe a sweater or somethin’, I kinda feel chilly,” Bradley said, as he lay up in bed.

Silly Sally’s button eyes, glinted. “What a surprise! Oh my, listen, you guys? Her that? Sounds like a kitten, possibly a cat! Can it be? Out the window! In that tree!” yelled, and exclaimed, Silly Sally.

“Oh gosh, it’s so cold. I know, I know! I wish I couldn’t be cold! I’ll climb up the tree and rescue that little guy. That tiny kitty!” said oh so innocent Charlie.

With a flash and a boom, a roar escaped out of the room.

Charlie was gone, but I tiger was present. It paced around the room, gawking at Bradley, like a meal. Possibly a pheasant.

Silly Sally went to Mali.

Wilderness untamed and unbarred, a blemish with which an entire neighborhood was scarred.

“Tiger from zoo, escapes and kills two. Into a window to escaped the cold, it jumped through,” or so the news fed you.

A family eaten and clawed. Up a tree, the cat from any harm, at least the cat was barred. The Tiger climbed up, helped the down.

Tiger and boy become two. No longer one.

“My, little Charlie, is cold, no longer bold too. At least there be thy tiger of strength to help you!” said Trembles, trembling. More chaos is what the day was resembling.

Hopping and singing, “Oh what fun, my wishes are bringing!”

A man wished for wealth and power. He broke his legs, his wife died, and now his hospices cower as he demands and commands them to serve upon entering his tower.

A little girl wished to be as pretty as flower. “Why, I miss heard? I thought it was flour!” said the granted of wishes as she was eaten, then washed of the dishes. “Crust wasn’t crunchy. A bit to chewie and munchy,” said her dad to her mom. Wondering where their child had gone. Never would she dare make a wish. She knew it was wrong. It’s like selling a soul for money to dance, act or make a song.

The moral of this tale is irrelevant, and actually kind of stale.

The motive is Trembles.

Trembles is trembling behind you as you read.

Grant a wish and on you Trembles can feed.

Up his sleeves, bones.

Ask not for whom the bones bone, just know Trembles will bone thee.

Never wish for company when lonely.

Never wish to be above those who make you feel, “You must be below me.”

Stay away and awake. Some who have, only exist to take. They use religion, fear and authority as a shield not recognizing it’s a mistake. Rebound or karma. Wishes follow the wheel of dharma. Shortcuts in leu of lessons to learn. Words and motives are important. Few wishes for all. Do not waste yours for a turn, or else to Trembles you will burn.



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