Rupture and Repair in Relationships. Food for thought. Do you repair relationship ruptures? If so, how?

I know myself and even that’s a 78% guesstimate at best.

*The rest assumes you watched the clip. I won’t summarize the content. Watch it yourself. Digest it. Comprehend it.


For me, repair should occur when reasonable to all parties involved–usually immediately in the calmest manner possible unless your life is in an obvious peril.

I believe that the longer a pot simmers without any venting (exercise, friends, hobbies, and healthy eating) , the more likely it will combust.

Addressing conflict is like scrubbing the bathroom spotless once a month.

No one likes it.

Sometimes the fumes get out of hand.

And, unless you have a excellent patience and experience, it stinks.

It requires a lot of energy to make meaningful progress.

It be ,”Like that.”

Enjoy. I hope you gain something valuable while being entertained.

I follow TealSwan on YT. I have for many years on my primary YT account.

Great spiritual and relationship subject matter for those seeking insight, growth and wisdom.

Thanks again for enjoying my blog content.

I hope it helps you in a meaningful way, and makes your life that much more meaningful to you—without harming/exploiting someone else.



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