Heartlands: Gnocchi in Bolognese.(romance short story)

Harwaven is a fictional city in my short stories. Check out my first book!

Also, enjoy this with the read:

Beaux Lin-Aise had been working at the “Beautiful Bolognese Bakery” in Harwaven since it opened. It was hers, after all.

Every morning when Lin-Aise opened up shop, people from all walks of life would come to get their breakfast and coffee fix.

It was always a pleasure to see them go away with satisfied smiles on their faces.

But one day, something changed. A strange man entered the bakery and Beaux noticed that he wasn’t alone.

He had a small purple orb following him wherever he went!

She couldn’t make out what it was exactly and it seemed almost like an illusion – but there was definitely something strange about this man’s presence in her bakery.

Beaux soon found herself obsessing over the man.

Who is he? Where did he come from? What does he want?

She payed little attention to the mysterious little figure behind him. Who or what could it be? She thought in passing.

The beaux Lin-Aise began dreaming about the stranger. They would meet at “their spot” and exchange stories about their lives and about the day.

It felt so real, Lin-Aise did not want to wake up sometimes.

After a few months of seeing the man come in and out of her unique bakery, Lin-Aise felt compelled to investigate further into this mystery. The strip is bustling with tourists, although there are some regulars. This man had become a regular. They chatted often, but never exchanged names or numbers.

All she knew was that she had to know more.

Lin-Aise started asking questions around town, doing some research online, even snooping over his shoulder on occasion. Then, one day, she found herself, wondering about the purple orb?

“Hi, Lin,” the man said, as she awkwardly grazed his shoulder in an attempt to quell the rushing passion she felt in his presence. “Are you… okay?” he asked, confused.

“Yup!” Lin squealed. “Peachy!” She scurried off behind the counter and examined the man. Her heart felt warm and she enjoyed seeing him enjoy her coffee and food. It made her happy. Despite this, she could never muster the courage to ask for his name. “He will pursue me, if he wants to,” She thought.

As she had the thought, the orb following the man shone bright and Lin couldn’t believe her eyes. A small chubby, purple man in shorts and sandals surfed on a floating yellow heart. It looked at her and grinned.

“Be not with fear. It is love that brings the fae near, my dear. This man is part of your plan. Where it goes no one knows as it depends which direction she and he grows, at least in your case. Unless I miss something from your face. Not meant as a disgrace. Humans and your genders are all over the place though man and woman are the only genders of your race unless my mind is off in space. But, alas, I come not with jokes, barley or heaps of grass. This man is yours lass. He makes no movement in your direction, but even you can feel it in his vocal inflection. Before you place the burden of approach on him, consider your own reflection. He asked. He comes. He buys. He works, respects yours and for your attention he never vies. Why wait for him for romantic tries? He already showed up. To you, he is tied. He knows it inside. The feelings of man are more fickle than a follicle strand. To this sport of love you must comport, this man is not your only last resort. You match and meet now. I got him here. You’re responsible for the how, my dear. Even your dreams it seems you both are born of the same seam. Very few like this are seen. Again, could end up being another friend in the end as on your honesty, growth and trust does the relationship depend. Looks and sex are important, but not where heads rest. My dear, you even blush from within your chest. Why the distress?” The fae asked, floating and observing Beaux Lin-Aise.

She paused. Something about the fae made her feel at ease. Its presence was soothing and his words seemed sincere. “I don’t know,” she said, drawing the stranger’s attention.

“What?” he asked, peeking over his newspaper. “You asked something? You okay?” The man said. His heart quivering for an opportunity to do something for the beaux Lin-Aise. He pressed his lips as he raised the newspaper. He shows up often and she seems to like him, but she never asked his name. Do I freak her out? he thought. Maybe I should go, he told himself.

“Even know the lad is mad with the passion of a buck in spring. For him you sing. Say hello. Just start some thing. Don’t think about children or a ring, unless that’s your thing. This man and you might unite if it is right. Again, depends on your growth and sight. Speak with lips pressed, heart and mind open. Need not move your lips for me to comprehend words spoken. No need to decide now in the moment. It’s your life. Your feelings. You own it. Alas, my lass, time flies. I took this form to meet your eyes. I must go as the power to maintain this form subsides.”

Lin-Aise felt at ease. She observed the stranger and walked over. “Do you need anything?” She asked.

The man smiled and blushed. “No, I think I am good, Lin. Thank you. How about you?” he asked, trying to appear calm.

“Hey–I–What’s your name, by the way?” Lin-Aise asked. “You come here so much, I just sort of expect you, but I never asked your name. Unless, I did and I forgot.”

“That’s okay. I know the feeling, Lin. Well, Beaux Lin-Aise, I thought you’d never asked. My name is Neo. Neo Keeye– like gnocchi, but… you know,” he responded, blushing. The stranger looked away and then met Beaux Lin-Aise’s hazel eyes. He had to do something, or felt like he did. But, what? What was he supposed to say or do? Does he ask for her number now? Do they go out now? What happens? Do they hook up at a bar later that night?–No, I won’t treat her that way- the man thought. I can’t. Something about her. Her name. Her soft fragrance and smooth silky long hair. Her skin was rosy and tan. The man couldn’t contain himself. He looked at his newspaper. “I don’t know how anyone can be so beautiful and be so kind,” he thought mulling over what to do next as Lin-Aise stood over him.

“Well, Neo, do you want to hang out?”

Neo turned pale. His eyes opened wide. Then, he blushed again. He scratched his head. “Sure. What do you have in mind?” Neo asked, trying not to look at Lin.

The couple made plans for their first date.

When Lin when home that night, she jumped on her computer and went to her favorite blog: “Marnie the Gaelic Gal.”

Marnie, or “Gaelic Gal,” writes and posts experiences with the supernatural beings she saw as child. She collects stories with hopes of learning as much as she can about the world we live in and who we share it with.

Hi Marnie,

Hope you are well. I am reaching out because I saw this.

(attachment of image from bakery camera)

This creature called itself a “Fae.” In the photo, it looks like a purple orb. It was some little purple cherub on a yellow heart! So cute!!!

I think it pointed me to my soulmate, a man named after my favorite food: Neo Cchi. Pronounced Gnocchi.

Oh my gosh! Can you imagine the fair beaux Lin-Aise and her lover Gnocchi.

Beaux Lin-Aise and Neo Keeye sounds like a wonder love story about bolognese and gnocchi.

Anyway, I wanted to share that with someone. I can’t share with my employees. They might think I am nuts.

Anyway, so, like, the Fae spoke in rhymes. It was like cupid, but purple. Bald. Sort of like a fat, drunk guy speaking in prose. It was cute, but a little off-putting to say the least.

Idk if you know about the Fae-Folk or not. I should have checked your archives, but you know me and computers.

Do you have any information on this? Can you write a post and include this image to see who has heard of it?


xoxo Lin

Several minutes later, Lin browsed Youtube.


“Holy!–” Lin yelped, surprised by an email notification. “My god she is fast. Does she ever sleep?”

Hello Lin!

Thank you fer your message! Much appreciated. I know a wee of the fae folk, but I will put yer post up with yer photo and see what I can fetch for you.

That sounds splendid! How lovely! Oh my and Bolognese and Gnocchi sounds incredible right now.

Fae are ancient beings whose sole purpose is to follow certain people until they achieved their heart’s desires – then the Fae moves on once its duty is fulfilled.

Your mate seems as though his fae led him to you. I do not know too much about the Fae folk as it is, but they are benevolent. Speaking with one is a good omen. Consider yourself blessed.

I will see what my post drudges up though and get back to you. Thanks for reaching out!

– The Gaelic Gal

Later that night, Lin fell asleep watching Casablanca and eating soft, buttery Gnocchi in a rich, meaty Bolognese sauce.

Lin sat up beneath a large tree next to a long fence. The smell of flowers and the sun on her skin made her feel warm inside like the sun was shining for her. Lin knew she was dreaming though.

A figure approached in the distance.

“Neo Keeye,” the beaux Lin-Aise said, excited and short of breath. She watched her man walk closer.

“Does our dream spot count as a date?” Neo asked, sitting beside Lin. “Also, are you really here or this my dream.”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Lin said, giggling.

Lin and Neo rested, leaning on each other and enjoying the warm breeze.

“I don’t want to sound weird, but the first time I walked into your bakery, I saw this thing. This like—“

“–A Fae?” Lin asked, excited and glad he saw it too. “You saw the Fae guy? Little purple cherub with the cute belly? Oh my gosh!” Lin shouted. “It’s you!” She placed her hand on Neo’s.

Neo blushed. “I–yes. Yeah. Yeah. I guess it is,” he said, exhaling. He felt at peace embracing palms with Lin. “So, what does this mean?” he asked. “The fae said some weird things to me. I kept showing up because I, not to be too forward, but I– Lin— Lin, I want you to know that I.” He paused and sighed. Then, he looked at Lin and caressed her hair. She put her head on his chest and listened to his heart. “I love you, beaux Lin-Aise,” Neo said, unconscious.

“I love you too, Neo Keeye,” Lin declared.

The couple embraced beneath the large tree and slept together in their dream.

Now, Lin and Neo make Gnocchi in Bolognese every morning and every night.

The two were made for each other like guava and cheese, cheese sticks and marinara, wings and ranch, or… gnocchi and bolognese.

So I like to create fantasy and horror, but I am huge romance nerd. I effing love romance. Great genre. Romance is the story of people being people imo.

There is nothing more romantic than being full human with another full human, just saying. Dogs and cats are cute, but show me two human silhouettes holding hands, and that’s it. My heart melts. Every time. I do not “love” love, but I feel that we exist to support the right people and the right people exist to support us.

Therein lies the ouroboros of what I call the “vertical infinity.” — not going to write about that.

I think you have to see it for yourself if you are meant to.

If you know what I am talking about, great. You’re pure as I understand purity in people based on this concept.

If you don’t, hey, you messed up and your ego got the better of you when you know it should not have. Make amends with yourself for whatever/whoever you humiliated, disgraced, disappointed or hurt.

Also, people with the Narcissistic disorder don’t get vertical infinity. I feel that their brains can’t attune to whatever frequency it oscillates on.

I believe maladies of the brain are receptor attuning issues, and the human brain is a transceiver: a transmitter and a receiver.

Without getting too far into my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives (I only share them in person. Weirdos on the web watch peoples’ behaviors like stalkers who never have to leave their home. The weirdest creep is the one that observes you and never makes their presence known. Downright appalling to stalk and be stalked online. In person, that’s fine. You can chase someone down the street. Can’t chase Jeff Bezos out of Meg Ryan’s purchase history on Amazon though. You know he looks. You’d be a fool to think all his legal shenanigans and owning the Washington was from the “good” of his heart. Dude’s wife would have had nicer things to say about him. When women speak ill of man in certain ways regarding his character, it speaks volumes. Especially if he is a man of power. Most women don’t scorn without a reason, unless they got problems they haven’t gotten over and they’re still carrying yesteryears bags like a bag lady.)

They do the horizontal infinity with themselves. Chasing their own tail until the thing they shouldn’t be doing finally happens because they adhered to their inner pygmy when the moment came.

The “inner pygmy” is that thing that you feel in your chest when someone says or does something you don’t like, but it isn’t malicious, yet you still feel the need to do something, despite the triviality of the situation.

For example, the kid who demands your respect despite not behaving in a manner worthy of being respected.

This might not even be a good example as respect is different for different people.

This particular story came as I was craving Gnocchi in Bolognese.

I do not like either, so the craving came as a shock. A very beautiful shock that I had to write some thing about.

Also, I do not like pasta. I dislike Italian food in general. It’s not for me. I stopped eating all Italian food earlier this year. Just makes my stomach turn and my chest hurt. Probably allergic to the flour or something.

Anyway, thanks for enjoying my content.



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