Some of my Late-Night Music. Enjoy.

I bike often in the evening. I live six miles from the beach, so it’s a 12 mile cruise. I like to go from NE 2nd st, then I go down 79th through Normandy/Treasure Isle and then the 71st street beach entrance. From there, I bike down to South Pointe Pier and chill.

I chill right on the end of the rock mound between the pier and the beach, or I just kick it on the beach somewhere near there. It’s the closest place to secure my bike.

I take a little breather. I stretch and relax.

I stop at Norman’s Tavern, usually and get a Churrasco with rice and beans, and then I bike home.

I walk to cool down, then I stretch, and then I eat again when I get home.

I do this every other day at random times. Enjoy the tunes. Hmu if you bike/exercise in the area.

Let’s kick it at the beach in the early afternoon and chit chat. Just let me know first. I do not like surprises.



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