01/12/23 Writing Prompt: What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Check out my blog and find my book and stuff. Buy it if you want or read it on kindle. Or, just follow my blog. Gift a sub or something. Idk. Not sure what exchange you find reasonable for consuming my output.

That said, what life lesson did I learn the hard way?

Some people placate their inability to connect with others with a compliant pet. It’s sick and unhealthy.

I don’t mean a service animal. I mean, you go to a friends house and their dogs are accessories to their home, not family members they wash and bathe before bed daily.

I am not a pet guy.

I like the idea of pets, but in reality, you’re a nasty pig if you live with an animal in your home.

Here’s why:

  1. Does your animal walk barefoot?
  2. Does your animal poop or pee on grass, or in a box?
  3. Does it go outside, or do you enslave it in your home so it learns to praise you when no one else will when you arrive because you fucking suck at caring about other people so in return most people only care about you at work or when they can get shit because that’s what you did to yourself for being a fucking dumbass who swallows their emotions when they should speak up?
  4. Does it interact with other people and other dogs?
  5. Does it lick you, your hands or your face?
  6. Do you let it into your bed without bathing it?
  7. Is it at the foot of your bed like a 1940s fucking farming with no concept of fucking hygiene and basic standards of living?

If you said yes to any of these, I rest my case.

That said, I love animals and I hate seeing an animal mistreated or in a cage in its own home for 80% of the day because that’s how things are.

IF you have a pet and you can’t control it well enough to leave outside of its cage, and to properly hygiene it yourself, you should not have a pet.

I trained my cat to bath. It wasn’t easy. He clawed, but and fought tooth and nail. He got accustomed to it, and knew when he needed a legit bathe. He even started hopping in the tub while I bathed, or he’d scratch at the shower door.

I am a dog person, tbh, but I prefer never to keep a pet inside the house unless it wears booties outside. Booties for dogs aren’t a bad idea imo. They lick their paws because their paws are dirty. Give em shoes and less foot irritation. Pretty basic.

Treat animals like people, and if you can’t you definitely should not have a pet. Pets are people, not playthings you talk at when your kids or spouse does not comply. Pets won’t solve those barriers in communication, they only make it worse.



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4 responses to “01/12/23 Writing Prompt: What life lesson did you learn the hard way?”

    • It happens. I have gone through it myself as well. I hope you are healthy and doing better.

      I went from 180 to 230 and everyone just laughed and called me fat. I was in a ton of back and shoulder pain from a bad surgery. I didn’t go throught the painful effort to lose the weight until I felt better emotionally about past things.


      • That’s horrible!
        People really don’t understand how a messed up shoulder and back impact you!
        It really has to happen to you before you understand how your mobility is impacted! And the medications are really hard on your body. I got a steroid for my shoulder recently and it ended with me holding my stomach in pain for two days!

        I’m glad you’re better!


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