Mark Figueroa’s Mythical Treaty (relevant excerpts)

(Condensed version)

… for any creatures who cannot not pass as a human or surface dwelling creature. Those who can, under the Mythical Treaty as agreed upon by mankind and the Mantleans, upon entry to the surface, are required to posses a verifiable, valid symbol of citizenship to a specific nation designated within the treaty. A Mantlean can only possess a valid permit of identification of nations in alliance with their primary nation of citizenship. Any Mantlean holding citizenship with nations whose relationships are questionable is subject to a lawful search, seizure and potential burning at the stake. As such, those nations include…

(skip to the important parts)

“… to those dominions therein. Meaning that, in times of war, Mantlean citizens can be used by that nation’s government against their enemy. Compliance is mandatory and Mantlean unaccounted for during times of war, famine or other unstated difficulties, are to be considered enemies of all nations. They willingly accept being hunted and captured on site, and burned at the stake for treason and heresy as defined by the nations with which their treason is constricted to. (other parts) … burned at the stake. (other parts) … burned at the stake. (other parts) … possible punishment of being flogged, then burned at the stake. (lengthy part professing human insecurity, ignorance and xenophobia) … also subject to being burned at the stake since the respective nations are ruled by their respective ruling parties. As such, the ruling parties may decide, without warning that a crime was indeed committed. Therefore, any and all Mantleans under this treaty, The Mythical Treaty, in general assumes no lawful or legal protection against or from the laws of their respective nation or nations of citizenship in the circumstance that a person, or persons, of high authority or anyone serving said person, or persons, of high authority decides the Mantleans is a threat. The burden of proof shall fall on the accused party, in this case the Mantlean, to convince a jury of the person, or persons, of high authority’s court or peers that the accused party does not serve any threat. Nations can decide when to accept the burden of proof. Meaning, the burden of proof may or may not be accepted until after the accused party, in this case Mantlean, has or has not already been, drowned, hanged, impaled, burned at the stake or other nation-decided punishment.

(long exposition of punishable scenarios and crimes)

… all punishable by being burned at the stake.

All Mantleans under the treaty assume and expect that any and all protections contained herein may be subject to immediate dismissal.

In addition, any human who willingly or unwillingly, or knowingly or unknowingly wandering into a tunnel leading to the Mantle would be subject to the terms of the species they happen to come upon. No law could prohibit the union of a human or Mantlean if there was an equitable exchange to both citizens’ respective governments. Be it in the form of inter-species adoption, exchange of knowledge or advancement programs that aided the futures of the parties involved. Furthermore, those … 

(long exposition)

Thus, man and Mantlean-kind strive ever more to produce a world devoid of unnecessary violence, bloodshed, fear and prejudice. The aim of this treaty shall serve as a symbol of unity, peace, the hopes of prosperity and acceptance for all who share the plane of human dominion, until otherwise stated or noted by the human party. May all creatures live in peace and harmony so that together they can usher in a future that benefits all, hoisting all races, creeds and religions to the zenith of intellectual, emotional and financial freedom, unless otherwise stated.

Signed with great honor and skepticism,

(human signatures made with ink)

(glowing fingerprints, fiery symbols, brands and other Mantlean signatures)


Fragments of the human copies of the treaty can be found under the ruins beneath the Gaza strip, below the first iteration of Paris, throughout the Sahara, the now uninhabitable slopes of Western China, in and around ancient sites all over South America and some Native American lands throughout North America. Even today, wealthy collectors, religious leaders and world governments are engaged in a clandestine proxy war to keep this document hidden from the public, so they could continue to praise their way of life and suppress their own citizens in order to maintain their power.

On the otherhand, the single Mantlean copy is framed and hung inside the main hall of the Mantlean Capitol Building. Its also reproduced and spread all over Mantlean schools, classrooms, places of business, trinkets, brochures, etched in Lapis Lazuli monuments around Mantlean parks, etc.

Pieces of the treaty are also written on transit areas, random caverns and tunnels as well as often quoted in the news during a trial or the discovery of a crime.



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