01/05/23 Writing Prompt: Can there be happiness without sadness? Pleasure without pain? Peace without war?

Happy New Year! Start it off writing and learning about yourself!

Can there be happiness without sadness? Pleasure without pain? Peace without war?

I say yes there can be happiness without sadness and pleasure without pain:

I posit that all know and understand happiness as a puppy does upon being introduced into this beautiful world of ours.

I know there’s all this doom and gloom, and yes, we are all dying, like suffocating,, starving, and dehydrating.

I do my research. I give us until 2028.

Anyway, there can absolutely be happiness without sadness.

Happiness occurs without the presence of pain; as does pain. I have felt immense emotional pain following a series of painfully emotional events. I did not need to be happy apriori to my grief.

I argue that once a person experiences pain from the thing that makes them happy, they learn to define the unitary measures of their happiness better.

That said, I personally am always happy with something until I take it for granted and dies, I/we move, or just lose touch. That’s life. We don’t own others or their life path and trajectory.

I was not supposed to exist. My own parents have told me this on several birthdays. I have relatives who tear up and are always happy to see that I exist.

For me, this life is a party I crashed.

I am lucky enough to brush shoulders and shake hands with anyone who resonates and oscillates at my frequency—If we’re not meant to, hey it be like that. Different places of spirit, psyche, values, etc.

There can be peace without war.

That said, I feel the same of peace. Peace can exist without war. However, there needs to be a proxy for conflict. War, imo, exists to claim resources or to prove a point.

Example 1:

“Yo, my people are starving. You got water. Can we borrow some for cheap?”

“Over my dead fucking body. We barely have enough for ourselves.”

“Yo, why the hostility? I asked.”

“You’re scaring me! Want to fight over my water, huh! Come take it!”

(shrugs) “Okay.” (whistles) (armada appears) “You chose this, homie. You chose this. I came as a friend. You came to the table hostile, impatient and impractical. Sorry. I can tell just by this interaction, if I don’t do something drastic, you will do something silly. Like, really silly.”

Example 2:

“Hey, please don’t cross our border. We are a peaceful people and don’t want anything to do with what you and our neighbors have going on. We just want—“

(soldiers step on domestic soil)

“Bro, really? Really? Ok.” (goes to president/emperor’s/king’s office in other country)

(Person committing aggression is lashing out bc they have never been told no.)

“Ok. You leave me no choice. Folks, we are at war.”

Example Misc.

Rich kid: “OMFG I AM SO BORED!” (watches news) “Omfg, how do I make things go boom! How do I make things go boom! Fuck! I wanna do that! I have done everything else, and my life is a checklist with no joy or simple pleasure. I want booms! Hey, market the Marine Corps to kids in the following zip codes. I want the genetically inferior to put on a show for me. We” tell them it’s honorable or some stupid shit. I am bored af though. I need this war.” (snorts cocaine)

Thanks for enjoying my content!



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