Crescent Dreams (#pokemon #shortstory)

Once upon a time, there were two legendary Pokemon, Darkrai and Cresselia.

Darkrai and Cresselia resonated at juxtaposing polarities.

Cresselia resonated at a high frequency. Her presence brought benevolence, love and healing to humans.

Darkrai, however, resonated at a low frequency. His presence made humans fearful, confused and anxious.

Darkrai wandered the world of dreams since his creation, until a child being pulled into the underworld by a “Drifloon,” caused him to leave the Dreamscape.

Darkrai saved the child; however, upon stepping into the material world, Darkrai learned that his physical presence radiated a “Delta” brainwave pattern with spikes into the “Beta” brainwave state.

The hum of his Delta resonance put humans and pokemon to sleep alike.

The spikes in Darkrai’s resonance scrambled how their minds processed the energy they interacted with through out the day.

This caused heinous, wicked, vile and depraved nightmares.

Darkrai did his best to protect people from the nightmare’s that naturally radiated from him, but it didn’t work.

“You cannot fight the tide, my friend,” a friendly Slowking once told Darkrai. “Which one of us really comprehends eternity anyway? Arceus knows I don’t.”

Then, Darkrai met Cresselia.

She handed a trainer one of her Lunar Feathers to awaken a child put to sleep by Darkrai’s aura.

Neither knew of Darkrai, the Drifloon or anything else.

The child woke up and mentioned how a brave and heroic, but scary pokemon leapt out of the shadows to save him.

“Every time he did, the nightmare got worse!” the kid screamed, rubbing his eyes.

Cresselia read the boy’s aura and saw Darkrai.

At first, she thought she was observing a fleeting moment, but then, Cresselia realized she had looked into the dreamscape as the boy was half-asleep when she looked into his soul.

She stared into the abyss.

Darkrai stared back.

The two paused and Cresselia yawned.

Darkrai looked concerned. He waved his hand.

Cresselia felt herself drop. She immediately opened her eyes in the waking world.

“Darkrai,” she whispered, smitten.

Doomed to be star-crossed lovers, Cresselia loved Darkrai.

She helped trainers locate and pursue him.

Maybe they could lead them to each other beyond the world of dreams? She wondered.

If someone could capture Darkrai, maybe they’d change his resonance and his aura would be easier to handle?

Generations of humans passed.

Canalave village rose, fell, and rose and fell.

Try as she might, Cresselia could never get close to Darkrai because his “Dark Aura” put everyone around him to sleep in the worst nightmares they could imagine. He tried his best to prevent it from happening to her, but he always found himself thinking about her every morning and every night.

One day, Darkrai heard Cresselia crying in her dreams. He followed her sound through the dreamscape.

Darkrai didn’t know why, but something about Cresselia’s sound made Darkrai feel hurt.

Darkrai wandered the dreamscape for Cresselia’s dream door.

Upon finding it, Darkrai opened it.

Cresselia, to his surprise, was having a nightmare about Darkrai being lonely.

In Cresselia’s nightmare, Darkrai was sitting by himself at the top of a hill on an empty island, staring into the night. Forgotten by time and shrouded by fog and mist under a sad, starry night.

Darkrai sighed. He couldn’t do this to Cresselia.

He didn’t know what exactly “this” was, but he was determined to stop Cresselia’s tears.

With no expectation of reciprocity, he decided he was going to change his native resonant polarity, if such a thing were possible.

Darkrai materialized in the world of the living. He turned to pokemon like Spiritomb, Gengar and Dusknoir.

Dusknoir eventually led Darkrai to a sleeping Jirachi.

“This is all I can do, Darkrai,” Dusknoir said, shrugging. “Any Ghost and Dark type you want, but you feel soft for a Psychic type. Who knew? Good luck, pal,” Dusknoir said, with a sad smile and slow nod. “It wakes up in a few days if memory serves correctly. If not, ask a Celebi to take you forward, or if you can muster the energy. Or, you could ask Dialga, but I don’t know how to interact with non-earthen pokemon.”

Darkrai nodded and waved.

After, waiting several months, Darkrai grew impatient.

Then, Jirachi opened its eyes. “Wa-wa-water, ” Jirachi said, weak and soft. “So thirsty. So hungry. So sleepy…”

Darkrai enlisted the aid of a roaming Psyduck. It used Water Gun and then suspended a decent amount of water in the air using Psychic. Darkrai used his Psychic to transport the water the rest of the way.

Jirachi was so thankful that Darkrai didn’t need to wish to be rid of his dark aura. Jirachi just granted it. Then, it granted the assisting Psyduck the ability to never feel a headache again, prompting it to evolve on the spot.

Darkrai’s new resonance was revealed to Cresselia in a pleasant dream. He handed her a Dark Cloth as a symbol of his devotion. Cresselia gave Darkrai a Lunar Feather in exchange.

She woke up relieved. She soared to New Moon Island, where she waited for Darkrai appear.

Darkrai and Cresselia embraced.

They lived together happily ever after.

Darkrai (Regular)

Shiny Darkrai

*Not the most impressive shiny there is, but I like the change in the eye color. Also, Darkrai is one of my favorite pokemon.


Shiny Cresselia


Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for news on my novel, “The Cloak of Nothing: Emery and the Exiled King.”



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