Ba’Gell’s Bagels: A failed wish (fantasy short story)

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography

Ba’Gell was a humble bagel maker who lived in Harwaven, New Jersey. Every morning he would bake fresh bagels for the locals to enjoy. One day an intriguing merchant approached him with a strange offer: prismatic flour that could make magical bagels with unique properties. The merchant claimed that these magic bagels could grant benevolent wishes to children and even take them off the internet!

Ba’Gell, being a practical man, didn’t believe this wild tale but decided to humor the merchant by purchasing some of the flour anyways. With great curiosity, he mixed up a batch of prismatic dough and baked it into golden brown bagels.

The next day Ba’Gell sold his first batch of prismatic Bagels – they were met with tremendous success!

Everyone wanted to try out their luck at making wishes on these mystical treats.

One boy named Shawn had heard about these bagels. He told his friend Walter Jr.

Walt Jr. tagged along when Shawn went down to purchase one for himself.

Walt Jr. also purchased one for himself. He wished fervently for knowledge about Mr. Wayne-Wright, an enigmatic figure who kept appearing in his dreams, hoping beyond hope that the power of this mysterious treat would grant this wish…

However, much to Walt Jr’s disappointment, nothing happened after eating the prismatic golden bagel.

The marketing around Ba’Gells Prismatic Bagels quickly died, and soon enough, everyone returned back to buying regular old plain bagels instead – leaving Ba’Gells magical experiment behind them as just another fairytale tale gone wrong…

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