Lamb Biryani (Horror Short Story)

It was Christmas and the snow was falling softly outside. Biralam had been traveling for days and he was getting increasingly anxious at the thought of not having a warm meal to eat.

Little did he know that his problems were about to be solved by an unexpected guest: a hungry traveler in search of shelter from the cold night air.

The traveler asked Biralam if he could have some of his treasured biryani, but Biralam refused to part with it.

In an attempt to fool the traveler, Biralam offered him a bowl of long-grain spoiled jasmine rice instead, not knowing that this would come back to haunt him later on.

The desperate traveler accepted what seemed like a generous offer and ate his fill without realizing it was spoiled food.

Unfortunately, eating this tainted meal caused illness upon which the traveler soon died as a result.

Now uncertain about how best to proceed, Biralam resorted back to old habits; rather than face up to his mistake or take responsibility for what happened he chose instead simply hide away any evidence that something had gone wrong – pretending nothing ever happened in the first place!

Little did Biralam realize however that the traveler who passed away so unexpectedly had actually been no ordinary man; unbeknownst even to himself, he had actually been an immortal deity in disguise sent out into our world specifically tasked with assessing safety conditions for travelers venturing into remote areas such as these ones here today.

As punishment then for failing miserably at such an important task (and equally important because of deliberately trying to cover up this failure) Biralam found himself suddenly transformed into a lamb complete with hooves and curly white fur!

And so came about one man’s story warning others against foolishness…

Shortly after, Biralam had gone missing and the area had become known for its incredible lambs and lamb biryani.



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