Cookin’ Soul x MF Doom Xmas HipHop Lofi. Enjoy. Merry MF commercial Christmas / anglo-saxon Yuletide

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays.

Take solace and comfort knowing that there will never be as much accessible fresh drinking water in future Christmas’ to come.

Whether you work sales, banking, teach, education, military, etc. You or your kids will die of thirst because of your commercial habits. Started, branded and prepacked for your consumption from the not Twilight Zone.

While people complain about Ukraine, BLM, the president(s) — All trash btw, especially your favorite. Fuck him and fuck you. Fuck every global military. Fuck the IMF, WHO, WEF, JMCF, UN, etc.

Bow to your god and your religion no one else. Whether your Christian or Muslim, or Agnostic, it doesn’t matter; unless you’re Mormon, Hacidic or Catholic. Then, well, hmmm. Work in banking. Look at family accounts. YIKES YIKES YIKES. Anyone with eyes can spot sex trafficking transactions through non profit cash wires below the $10k KYC threshold. It’s bananas.

Anyway, llego Navidad and while you hang w people you don’t like bc you have to, take comfort in picturing them die of thirst beside your emaciated, thirsty, starving body because you bought the new iphone.

I bought it too. I’ll be there with you.

Except I’ll make it look easy.

(Gets loopy and bites of own tongue tip. Dies from the toxicity of drinking own blood.)

Anyway, merry xmas. Try not to think too hrd about the amount of power and water that made into growing/manufacturing the xmas present you dislike the most as use that as fuel to unfuck yourself for eons to come.

Don’t Bezos my planet,

Don’t Musk up my reality with nonsense about life when you haven’t lived it,

and certainly

Don’t Zuckerberg/Trump/Biden/Obama/Reagan/Kennedy/anglo military/ anglo government/ jewish-ly manipulate my opinions, please.

I am, but a simple Goyim.




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