Mantleans in the Heartlands

For readers who enjoy dark philosophical fantasy fiction, “Mantleans in the Heartlands” is the first book by Mark Figueroa and Lord Kal.

It is a fun and original collection of fantasy, fiction short stories with horror, romance, and sci-fi elements.

The Mantleans are creatures and metaphysical entities which range from dragons of both eastern and western fiction to druids, witches, gnomes, and other creatures unknown.

This anthology contains various accounts describing how their presence impacts the lives of residents in fictional Heartlands County, New Jersey.

The book is available for purchase and download.

Obtain your copy and leave a review.

Gift it to friends and family.

Thanks for reading this far down. Lord Kal is actually just my FFXIV character.

I wanted to include one of my longest-running characters as a co-author of my first book.
If you play the game, feel free to join me in it.

DM me to arrange a time or something, or look up: “Lord Kalcyphir,” set a timer, and wait till I am on.

Do what you are most comfortable with.

Comment and such if you feel so inclined.



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