Publishing my first book on Amazon.

Hi and thanks for enjoying my content. I just put my first book on Amazon. I am very excited to share this news as this has been several years in the making.

The book is titled:

Mantleans in the Heartlands: A Collection of Short Stories

It’s a collection of short stories surrounding characters in the New Jersey Heartlands, a fictional location, and their interactions with supernatural beings known as Mantleans.

The Mantleans are fantasy creatures such as dragons, things we confuse for demons and angels, gnomes, familiars, and other entities who dwell within Earth’s Mantle.

Thank you for enjoying my work. I hope it moves, entertains and inspires you to do what you like: exercise, create, destroy, consume, etc. I don’t care. I am a gluttonous heathen who lives for simple pleasures. No judgment from me. Stalk, murder, pillage, orgy as you see fit.

I write.

I will write as I see fit. Thanks.

Stan Lee exclaimed, “Excelsior!”

I say, “Enjoy.”

Anyway, I am currently celebrating this occasion ahead of marketing the book once it’s ready.

That said, I am also editing my novel “The Cloak of Nothing: Emery and the Exiled King.”

The collection of short stories within “Mantleans in the Heartlands,” introduces characters that may or may not appear with in “The Cloak of Nothing” Series. Some connections are explicit. Others are not. Read critically if you so choose. Read for entertainment if you feel so inclined.

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I will likely be enjoying the beach in FFXIV or IRL. Not sure. Might do both, and enjoy the beach while at the beach from the beach. Beach-ception.



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