The Night Hare.

The space fleet sat on the edge of a belt of rocks, floating through an unexplored chunk of interstellar space.

Winston and Marianne measured the solar system’s energy by its stars flickering.

The flickering speed communicated the stars’ gamma radiation emission levels.

It allowed the cosmonauts to determine the amount of energy they could expect to harness from the star in question.

Fixated on the station’s large screen, they observed the data rolling in line-by-line.

Gadgets and lights blinked.

Beep. Boop. Zip. Zap. Zoop.

Life was green characters on a black screen throughout their journey in this region of space.

“That, uh, asteroid was about the size of, uh, Texas. At least at first,” Winston declared, twiddling his fingers, anxious, uneasy and agitated.

Marianne shrugged, focused on her work.

“Never been,” she said, deciphering energy readings from nearby star clusters. “Asteroids are truly astounding. Right?” Marianne asked, still focusing on the task at hand.

Winston smiled at Marianne. “Yeah,” he responded, despondent. “They are indeed.” Winston sighed—his groan off-putting to Marianne. He stared out of the station window and saw an object floating in the distance.

They had been traveling for two years through a new quadrant claimed by their government.

Winston leaned against the glass.

The crew had witnessed incredible sights: stars exploding, black holes, white patches (believed to be the other end of a black hole).

They even made acquaintances with interstellar partners to the clandestine “Unified Governments Lead by (billionaire) Yuppies with World Endangering Finances,” or the UGLY WEF. (Not to be confused with the World Economic Forum. )

Winston squinted and stared at the floating object as it drifted closer.

It’s speed was slow, steady yet constant.

In the distance, another space station glistened in the infinite space; Winston’s gaze shifted back to the floating, indiscernible object.

He turned to Marianne. “Hey, can you take a look at this, Marianne?” He asked, uncertain and uncomfortable.

Marianne shrugged and slowly walked over.

She hadn’t been too fond of Winston for one reason or another.

Marianne felt Winston would kill the crew or cause them to fail their mission by mistake since they departed from, Alphae Lithianium Cluster B, Station 89.

His demeanor made her uneasy, or so Winston was convinced.

Marianne wasn’t concerned. Then, THUD.

Winston’s corps hit the window of the space station. The face kept changing to someone.

Winston sighed.

Marianne laughed, then shrugged.

The entire space station erupted in a haunting, sickening laughter.

“Okay. I’m scared,” Winston said, unamused.

A shadow appeared on the ground and a little man rose up from the portal. He looked like a leprechaun with drained, pale skin and missing eyes.

The little man grinned. “Forget my name, my good chum? Good chum! Good chum!” The little man shouted, twirling and dancing. His movements were childish and innocent, but Alp resembled a very small old man in carnival clothes; except his skin was dead and his eyes were empty pits.

“It’s not that, Alp,” Winston said, rubbing his face. A tire iron appears on the ground.

“Now, now, my good chum, we tried this already. Remember?” Alp said, amused and giddy. “I can change places with you just before you strike—Easy peezy. Easy peezy. Easy peezy. You wake up with a migraine. A splitting headache. Ow. Ow. My good chum, should always be good!”

Winston sighed as his alarm echoed through his nightmare.

“Quick, Apl, what did I actually agree to?” He asked, shaking as he was slowly waking up.

“You sleep scared, Winston. You invite me. Every night. Darkness. Spooky darkness for Winston. Winston thinks of spooky spookier and Apl comes in to eat!” Alp exclaimed. “Winston agreed to be Alp’s Night Hare. Creature that runs in nightmares for Alp’s fun! Alp scare and scare, forcing you to be there! Forcing Winston’s eyes to stare!” Alp shouted, dancing. “Good morning, Winston.”


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