by Mark Figueroa

Ashy and crusty.

I just used lotion.

How are you still dry and dusty?

A ninth wonder?

No way. No how. Checking the tube—right now.

Seems I’ve made a blunder.

This shall hit me like thunder!

In an uneasy commotion—I used another concoction—some drink—- an unknown potion.

My knees wither and frail.

My hair, it turns white.

Knuckles grow pale!

My skin droops and drops!

Gosh darn it—liver spots?

Hey, reader, were you entertained?

If so, go on your social channel, share this post and my name.

I don’t care about recognition or fame.

Cash is a byproduct of exposure, the math’s plain.

Leave a comment, like or follow the blog.

Start a discussion, and keep a log.

Anyway, keep on reading—I’ll be posting my short stories starting tomorrow evening. Thanks.



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