Perez Art Museum Experience (decided no-go on WEAM content)

Enjoy the art.

I am exploring art school options. Looking domestic and international. Open to suggestions. Feel free to DM on wherever you scroll.

Anyway, the Perez is cool.

I had an incredible experience – even hit up the gift shop for a pocket-sized Frida Kahlo sketchpad, unique pencils and unique wooden sharpener. Cool stuff. I missed seeing Deadmau5, an event I was very excited for and planned to see, but this made up for it.

The experience of seeing the following paintings made me nod my head in agreement as I admired the effort, quality and talent expressed by the artists’ works. Phenomenal.

Incredible. I could stare for centuries. This was the first painting I saw. My excitement surpassed my expectations. I was bummed I had missed Deadmau5. This was the equilibrium for that. Admire the harmony of the colors and gradients. Look at how simple, yet stunning this is.
No clue what this was. Too lazy to find out. However, it reminded me of the monolith/ spire in Dead Space. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I felt (and currently feel) some feelings for it. It’s interesting. I don’t know where to look. What’s the “face”/“focal point”? The perfectly centered two dots? The very well-placed lattices? Do I admire the positioning of the evenly-spaced booleaned holes? I like the piece. Not sure why. It be like that. Feel free to opine on this as you see fit. Treat this like an open forum for opinions and stuff. It’s my blog. Speak freely. Just be cool.
Yo, reader, I got you: Carmen Herrera’s Wiki 👍

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

No caption below this one. This gets standard text blocks. Before you read my opinion, take a minute to admire this. Don’t “look at,” instead “look into.”

I have no degree in art – touring a school next week. Exploring options. I got talent. They got wisdom, experienced talent and refinement.

Anyway, let me deconstruct how I feel about this piece component by component.

This is masterful.

1. Starting with the split torus in the center: The yellow noodle on the far right, popped as I focused my sight on the ones in the center. Absolutely incredible first thing to notice.

I almost wanted to bop my head to the imaginary rhythm of Erick Sermon and Marvin Gaye’s “Just Like Music.”

💎🧬💌💙❤️💖📓📓📓📓📓📝 That feel.

2. The dissymmetry between the olive-like components, the bold and unbold uneven, parallel red lines only enhance the juxtaposition of observed-component-1. Like toothpicks in a Martini, until you throw in the diamond shapes.

3. Interspersed diamonds, squares and circles.

A. The colors are harmonious without feeling redundant.

B. Great spacing components.

C. Tones /hues of each shape

It’s incredible and makes the piece feel balanced. It’s like a well structured building with multiple wings, but done with taste, class and purpose/intent.

Leisurely chaotic like an episode of “Hey Arnold.”
I love this.
Very soothing. Seems like leisurely things.

Haitian Art

Incredible piece. Lots of hidden characters. Don’t want to ruin it. Just go check out the museum. It’s really cool and pretty cheap. The food at Verde is great. I got the Chopped salad with shawarma chicken. Highly recommend.

River Sketches

PAAM pencils + Frida Kahlo sketchpad.

Thank you for viewing my post. 👍👊



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