Emerald Espeon Pt. 16

Written on mobile. Typos abound 🤷‍♂️

“This match. Three on one,” Bruno says. “I’ll be fighting with Diancie, Heatran and Steelix. You will fight them one Pokémon at a time. If you win, you choose a Pokémon on your team to fight me. Is that clear? Only one. You understand?” Bruno asks, ensuring he isn’t misunderstood. His stone eyes fixed on the trainer. “Ready to fight?!”

The trainer shrugs. He looks down at Gible, who’s sleeping in a pile of dirt, snoring peacefully while more crystals erupt from the ground.

The trainer examines Diancie and then looks at Bruno.

There’s a long pause and Bruno stares, callous and cold.

“Diancie whip up a Sandstorm and rush at Kal with your best Tackle attack. Make sure you use your Sandstorm as veil,” Bruno says, calm and patient. He eyes the trainer down. He crosses his arms and stares intently.

The Tsunami Samurai points at himself, and asks, “Kal?” He looks at Espeon. She shrugs at him, then smirks. The trainer puts his palm on his face and sighs. “Of course you did, Nekotama…” he says, adjusting his long samurai sleeves. Espeon chuckles then smirks, and saunters behind the trainer. She nudges him forward, suggesting he prepare for battle.

The trainer smirks. “I guess I am Kal? Holy smack! I’m Kal! Pokémon Trainer Kal!” He draws his sword from its sheath and dashes into the Sandstorm raging in the middle of the battlefield. “Alright, Diancie,” he says, holding his sword by the hilt.

Diancie hovers out from between a vortex of sand and levitates over the dirt. The legendary Pokémon looks at the trainer and pauses for moment. She vanishes behind a cloud of spiraling sand and weaves out from the other side.


Diancie makes an adamant tackle, but the trainer blocks with blade, knocking her back. He attempts to read the motion of the wind. The gusts seems to be rising from the ground like invisible geysers billowing sand particles into the air.

The Tsunami Samurai licks his finger. “Buoy’s Ballot Law states that if I were to stand here, then… okay… hmmm”

Diancie erupts from a wall of sand.


He hits Fiancie on the head with his hilt.

“Caaraaa! Dia-Diancie!” Diancie exclaims, excited. Diancie hovers around on its island. It admires the trainers skill and speed. Diancie shrouds itself in the Sandstorm again,m. Its diamonds glisten in the veil, sparkling and twinkling like wind chimes.

Kal, the Tsunami Samurai, looks around, but sees nothing.

Sand rushes up his nose and down his throat as the Sandstorm rages on. He covers his moths and nose with his left arm and sleeve.

He coughs again, losing Diancie’s shimmering sounds. Unbeknownst to the trainer, Diancie rushes out from behind him, WHAM!

She tackles Kal from the left, almost knocking the sword out his hand. He stumbles forward, off balance and tries to regain his footing.

Kal quickly turns to look in Diancie’s direction. Diancie is nowhere to be seen, hiding among the blowing sand and dust.

Kal’s visibility is minimal. He tries scanning for the Pokémon again. His large rabbit ears get caked in sand. He scrambles to brush to dirt from the hairs around his ears.

His human nose itches and he debates putting his sword down and scratching it. Diancie appears again rushing at him from the vortex as he lets the hilt of sword go. A rock slams by the trainer’s feet.

“Rock Tomb,” Bruno says, shouting into the Sandstorm. Between the gaps, crossing his arms. “You die here.” He looks at the trainer without blinking. “Pokémon can’t die here, but we can. Remember the war?” He asks Kal. His eyes are hollow pits. “Lt. Surge was our squad leader.”

Kal shrugs. “Can’t say I remember much. What war are you referring to?” Kal stands by, idle. Awaiting a response. His baggy samurai paints rub as he steps forward in his glittering emerald green Converse sneakers. Clearly, he doesn’t give a Flaafy.

“Well, it’s a Mareep of a story, you sure you got the Machops for it?” Bruno says, inhaling and exhaling fumes of the past.

He squares his shoulders and then crosses his arms again. He’s an empty man lost in a moment that no one reach.

His eyes, his walk and his speech scream post traumatic Pokémon Battle Syndrome.

“Death is inevitable,” Bruno comments. He adjusts the spiked dog collars on his wrists. He breathes in deep. “Enough,” Bruno says, echoing in the darkness. He exhales and stares the trainer down. His eyes scream corpses on the street and no one cares. His eyes have the “You haven’t seen this. I am half alive” look.


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