Superblue Immersive Art Experience Exhibit

Works and arts from incredible hearts

People I never met

Time I don’t regret

Beauty and love

Honest expression

How does one master such skill in this profession?

Some say irrelevant

I say, let’s not tiptoe past the elephant

On Sundays, the simple stare at books that put them down. “You’re a sinner. Now feel bad, Clown!”

Then, later, you get the stupid at boxes – pigskin passes and balls on bases

Ever see the expression on their faces

😱 🤤😱🤤

Emojis and memes are probably the faces in their dreams

Health is a solo sport

Don’t even get me started on golf

Or soccer, or lacrosse.

To me, it’s the same, Hoss.

Reality tv can’t encompass art made of light

No ghost in the shell

No AI keeping you in a scrolling spell

It’s human, and done classy, tasteful and well.

Here, look for yourself

See the site of James Turrell:

He uses light to make art that’s bright

I saw it

My soul

Was about to ignite

I was feeling right

Catch a vibe and catch some art

No need to act like it makes you an old fart

It’s culture

Soul food

Good for the heart

Impact too

Here, another artist I just gotta show you:

Open your mind to find that divine slice of moment in time. Every wall is a door, so (creeks) let’s explore.
This was below a frame. The impact of the picture is quadruply insane. Created a tear in my brain. Science and art. Hand in hand. Not worlds apart.
A descent further into the light.
Something’s not quite right.
Perception. The Art of the Long View. Sight Beyond Sight.
Let’s enter Es Devlin’s “The Forest of Us.” Inhale, then exhale. In trees we trust. In each other, we rust due to our lust.

Es Devlin exists, no company or AI tricks:

No thanks, I have a watch

Embed didn’t work. Sorry for the extra click, friend. Wasn’t trying to be a jerk.

Great hearts and great arts.

My best to stay sane.

Somewhere my mind went off the track. An intruder came in and gave me a whack. Never apologized or appreciated me. I thought I deserved that.

Was in shock. Thought some events were untrue. It took several years for the pain to finally come through. Like a bough breaking, I was on the floor trying to cry. No tears, just shaking. I real love. Just suppression, isolation, distrust and taking from places I couldn’t see. Then, lack of care completely altered me.

Commitment is the only truth. Never commit to that which does not commit to you. No second chances. Your life isn’t one of those terrible school dances. Say no when it isn’t right the first time. No arguments. No fighting. Thee is not thine.

Some humans can’t see the hues of man.

Not a rainbow reference. Though, also not a knock of that is your preference.

I mean the light and hues of each dudette and dude.

The spark within us all.

It’s not a ride or place. No need to dress nice, or be “Yay Tall”. Not a Kanye reference. Idiom for decorum.

I hope you enjoyed this forum of the SuperBlue.

I sing the Miami Blues while I await my winged shoes.

Brickell’s brick walls are a bit too tall and Wynwood seems flimsy at best. Too many perceptions and posers. God bless.

I watch the Twilight Zone and Dance the Body Electric because “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.”

In this age of unoriginality and tragedy, the SuperBlue gave me something true. Something as unique as you.

By which I mean, reader.

Hopefully, thought leader.

Follow my site. I just want to write. Spread love and light 👍👊


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