Emerald Espeon Pt. 15

Azelf descends from the darkness overhead. It’s blue head resembling a volleyball with braids. It’s large eyes are open halfway like a monk in a trance. It hovers around Janine, then pauses in front of her, levitating at eye level.

It makes a prayer gesture and portal open.

Janine sighs and holds up a pokeball. A blue beam shorts out of the small button in the center of the Red and White orb in her palm, hitting Clefable like lightning, and returning it to its space. Janine looks down, then up at the trainer. “People usually don’t think about what goes into being an Asian, female trainer who followed in her dad’s footsteps.” She takes a deep breath.

The Tsunami Samurai bows at Janine and says, “I’ve been stuck in the past for several years, and don’t recall to much of my life before this. Wish I could say something to make you feel better. Unfortunately, there isn’t. We both know I’d be lying.” He shrugs. His baggy blue sleeves make a “sheeeshooo” sound when his shoulder go up. He inhales, pauses and exhales. “I don’t actually know much about anything.”

Janine smirks, bowing back. “I totally understand. That’s more than enough, anyway,” she says, vanishing into a wavy purple portal. “Anyway, the Source Unown letter “C” is yours,” she says, waving her right hand with her back turned.

Azelf creates a rift, visibly focusing as if it were trying to picture something. It clasps its soft delicate hands together, focusing harder. Nothing happens. It opens its eyes and stares at the trainer.

Azelf’s eyes scan the room. It looks at Espeon. She smirks at Azelf.

Espeon’s eyes glow.

Azelf’s eyes open wide.

The ground trembles and Espeon starts growling. The gem in her forehead flashes.

The Tsunami Samurai looks at Espeon, stunned. “Wait Espeon, you shouldn’t be able to use Futu—-”

A hole opens in the ground below Espeon, but just as she falls, she teleports. Espeon appears behind Azelf and tackles it out of the sky, pinning it down beneath its purple paws.

Azelf sighs and flings Espeon back with a powerful Psychic blast. Espeon lands on her feet, and tries rushing Azelf again.

The trainer grabs Espeon by the tail before she can go too far. She yelps and quickly changes her demeanor.

“Look, I know Cynthia’s your trainer. I know your memories are intact and I know your patience is running thin. We travelled together a long time, Espeon. A really long time. I know what Janine said got to you. You don’t like anyone saying anything about Cynthia. Deep down inside though, you know you’re in the wrong here. Don’t try to attack Azelf and don’t rush the battles,” the tsunami samurai says, letting go of Espeon’s velvet tail.

Espeon looks at the trainer. She fuels her eyebrows. “Paaiiyuuu!” She responds. “Espeon! Es! A—-C—-”

The trainer listens intently able to make out an ‘A’ and ‘C’ in Espeon’s cries. “23 more to go and we’ll be able to have a full conversation,” he says, smiling.

Azelf flies upward and holds its arms out, summing the next Pokémon medium: The Diamond Medium.

A shirtless man steps out of a portal. He’s wearing white karate pants and long red bandana. His face is rough and his eyes are like painted stones, dull and lifeless.

The man sticks his arm out to shake hands. “Bruno,” he says, calm. There’s a scary look in his eyes. Both of his hands have spiked bracelets around the wrists. Same with his ankles. His white paints are scratched and deworm like he just came from a battle. His hair looks like a Zigzagoon is sleeping on his head, with its tail dangling down as Bruno’s ponytail. “Shake?” Bruno asks, looking at the trainer with his hand extended.

The Tsunami Samurai bows, then shakes Bruno’s hand.

“Diancie!” Bruno calls out, summoning his Pokémon Medium. The trainers stare each other down.

The ground quakes and the battlefield changes shape. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, erupt from the ground. Protruding like expensive ores ready to be mined.

A Pokémon covered in diamonds and wearing a crown appears. It hovers on a giant stone in a flowing white dress. It’s onyx skin twinkles brilliantly between the protruding gems.

“This match. Three on one,” Bruno says. “I’ll be fighting with Diancie, Heatran and Steelix. You will fight them one Pokémon at a time. If you win, you choose a Pokémon on your team to fight me. Is that clear?” Bruno asks, his stone eyes fixed on the trainer. “Ready to fight?!”



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