Sunrise on South Pointe Pier at 6:57. Arriving there by 6:50 and will post pics here.

South Pointe Park Pier Google Maps Link:

Made it at 6:45. Admired the views and started snapping photos and capturing videos. Got a text from a close friend about his bday and sent a bday video along with the pics. See below. Thanks for reading/following. Going to write the next entry in the Emerald Espeon series this evening. Stay tuned for that.

Birthday Video for my friend in Australia. Sent via MMS transmission.
It started raining so I ran to a nearby restaurant and caught the short lived downpour. It was incredible and made me appreciate nature in its unpredictable glory. There wasn’t a forecast for rain today, but weather moves without a forecast. 👍👊
The cloud in the center looks like a person walking on their cell phone. I snapped that clouds picture while walking with my cellphone. What if I was looking at the cloud in reverse and the cloud person was taking a picture of me? Cloudy with a chance of confusion? Not sure if that’s funny or not. Made me laugh. Slightly. 🤔


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