Emerald Espeon Pt. 14

Emerald Espeon is a multi-part Pokémon fan-fiction short story. Read and enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Decided not to Twitch / stream it. Feel free to check out my Twitter or my blog if you’d like.

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Thanks for reading.

Espeon sprints toward the attack and slides underneath Clefable, surprising it. Janine and the Tsunami Samurai’s jaws drop. The trainer holds back a clap, and shouts “Nice one! Iron Tail!”

Espeon nods, raising its stance higher, and gaining momentum as it crosses the gap between its large opponent. Before Clefable can blink, it sees a bright, metallic tail slamming into its field of vision, and everything turns black.

After coming-to, Clefable opens its eyes. “Fable?” It asks, turning to Janine. Janine sighs and looks at Azelf.

“You were out for a while, Clefable,” She says, embarrassed and holding back her tears. “That Iron Tail killed you.” Janine looks at her feet and rolls her eyes. “Time doesn’t exist here. Neither does death, but I wasn’t prepared for that kind of ruthlessness, Clefable.”

“Cle-Fable!” Clefable exclaims, flexing its hands and opening and closing its fists. It’s long pink belly protrudes forward, obscuring the view of Clefable’s feet. Nonetheless, Espeon smirks, taking delight in its opponent’s indisputable defeat.

Espeon leaps in-front of Clefable. Its lavender paws hit the lifeless blue dirt without a sound. Espeon saunters in a circle around Clefable and Janine.

It raises it’s sleek head and locks its large black eyes with Janine’s Shinobi gaze. Espeon smiles and continues prancing around them as if to suggest it isn’t surprised by the victory. Espeon kicks sand when it returns to the Tsunami Samurai’s side like its pressing its feet through a litter box. Without flinching, she looks at Clefable, then at Janine again, and scoffs callously.

Espeon stares Clefable down and grins. Her pearl teeth juxtapose her thin lavender fur. She nudges her nose on the Tsunami Samurai’s yellow, baggy, samurai pants and purs loudly.

Janine sighs. “We lost again… but, we’ll win… next time.”

The Tsunami Samurai shrugs. “I guess, but based on what you described regarding how time converges here, even if you improve, the version of you that shows up might not be you. It doesn’t matter what you do. You’re training is irrelevant like your skills as a trainer. Send the next battler out please, you’re really trying my patience,” the Tsunami Samurai says, indifferent to the tears in Janine’s eyes.

Janine clenches her fists and sighs, then says, “I am a gym leader and–“

“Janine, it’s fine. I don’t judge your value as a person or as a trainer based on this match. I have lost important battles too. For every 10 assume there’s 1 you will lose,” he says.

“What do you mean?” Janine asks, confused and irritated.

“Ten victories for one loss or one victory for every ten losses. Depends on your perspective. You will get thereto that you pursue the most. In anything,” the Tsunami Samurai says, not sure if his point is coming across. He adjusts his long blue sleeves and scratches his large left bunny ear that protrudes from the straw hat on his head. “Well, I am not sure if that makes sense like that, but I think you get the idea.”

“Sort of. So, prepare to win ten percent of the time or prepare to lose ten percent of the time, kinda’, yeah?” she asks, scratching her short black hair. Janine pulls the Scarlett shinobi mask down, revealing her nose, mouth and chin.

“Based on your perspective, but that’s what I mean,” the trainer responds. “Take things too seriously now, and you’ll work yourself into an early grave because every setback will feel like a major setback. Keep it in perspective. This Espeon belongs to a special trainer of some kind. You said it yourself, multiple times. You can’t even say her name because you dislike her so much.”

“That’s not true. I just can’t – I can’t – oh, fine! fine! Her name is — Okay! Cynthia! Four-time Elite Four champion Cynthia! The elite dragon trainer in her like super superior Dragon Pokemon Training glory! She didn’t rely on a wimpy Dragonite! She beat me every time with her dragons, then I beat her dragons, and then she showed up with that Espeon,” Janine shouted.

“Well, I remember being there when this Espeon evolved. I don’t remember seeing Cynthia there… I’d remember her, she used to–anyway, fine. I guess that makes sense. I don’t remember anything, or my identity for some reason, but I remember Cynthia. Her long blonde hair and vicious voracity and smile and stuff.” The Tsunami Samurai blushes, and wiggles his rabbit-like nose. “I mean, Cynthia’s like, the most incredible trainer I have ever seen. Incredibly talented trainer. I have memories of battling her, but she destroyed my team. A team that I also don’t remember for some reason.” The Tsunami Samurai shrugs. “I really like intelligent trainers, and , well, Cynthia is top tier. Unless, you count R-Re-Re-nevermind,” the Tsunami Samurai says, shivering. He remembers a battle on a snowy mountain in Johto and feels his knees buckle.

A sharp, loud “Pikachuuuu!” pierces his mind’s ears (?) and he glances around, ensuring there’s no hidden Pikachu lurking in the area around him. He shakes his head and shrugs.

“Ooof, just had the scariest thought,” the Tsunami Samurai says, cringing. He clenches his fists thinking of a small, fat, yellow, red-cheeked nuisance. “Anyway, I can see why you were so upset. I have a trainer in my mind who I don’t remember, but the thought of that vagabond, derelict, mountain-hiding louse and worthless, ruthless, indecent, Pikachu AT LEVEL 80 USING WOR– I digress. I just. I understand how you might feel about Cynthia. It’s like she beat your egg-hatched perfect IV shiny Umbreon with a level 80 Dratini,” The Tsunami Samurai says. He adjusts his blue gi. He sighs and squeezes his fists so tight his knuckles pop. “I spent months breeding the perfect Umbreon. That battle. That loss. That feel. That pain.”

“Yeah,” Janine says, her fists quivering. She scratches her thin, short, black hair. “I was jealous that she could grow that hair without buying an Arcane Tail to pretend she was something she wasn’t to advance her chances in life. My parents made me feel like I didn’t matter if I didn’t look like her. I folded under the pressure. Seeing her Espeon made me scared again. I think there’s a name for that, but it’s not important now.” Janine shrugs. She looks at the Tsunami Samurai’s caramel skin and sighs. “Yikes. Good thing I don’t look like you though. You probably hear all sorts of things from people who don’t know what you are,” Janine says.

The Tsunami Samurai shrugs. “Anyway, where’s the next trainer?”

Thanks for reading this far. I’m pretty weird and find that this gives me some sort of peace. Without making things weirder.

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Thanks for reading.


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