How I missed Sunset at South Point Tier Yesterday. Crazy evening.

I parked my rental car pretty far from South Point Pier due to poor planning on my end regarding parking and traffic. I dragged my cooler along with my essentials-packed backpack toward to the pier.

I couldn’t hold everything so I put my phone in my pocket. I plugged my headphones in (I avoid Bluetooth. I dk how fragile my brain tissue is to low frequency waves. I’ve been around enough radars to know that anything that sends and transmits, is harmful. There’s no way around it. The severity is only lessened by whoever’s marketing the products.

Anyway, so after putting my phone in my pocket, the directions stopped guiding me somehow. I couldn’t hear my Apple Maps. Didn’t have the patience to check it. I was fairly irate that I was missing the sunset for being impractical and, in every sense of the word, stupid 🤦‍♂️

I was exhausted by this time in the evening as well. I checked my phone when I had a chance. I walked 3/4 mile in the wrong direction.

I asked a gentleman in a golf cart for help. He gave me lift. I made it to the pier. It was closed.

Say on the beach reflecting and well, just check my Twitter. I walked 10 miles to return to my Airbnb, barefoot (hurt more to wear shoes due to the friction) in Miami because my phone died and I was too upset to every to figure out how to get to my rental’s parking garage several miles away. It was late in the evening.

I moved where I was sitting on the beach.

A group noticed I lost my wallet. Said nothing.

Then, they saw a couple pick up my wallet.

Again, they said nothing to these people. Nerves, self conscious, I don’t know. This behavior/mentally confuses me.

I looked for my wallet among my belongings in the darkness after cutting my foot on a swim on random glass in the ocean.

I posted my evening on Twitter with hopes something entertaining would happen or people would somehow show up and provide emotional comfort by being present. That’s what I would do, but I don’t have ulterior motives 92% of the time so I assume most other people don’t. I find that people are only as distrustful as they are untrustworthy.

The group of strangers invited me to join them. We drank and they told me about their lives in Cuba and how bad the economy is. They told me they only get 5hours of power due to the government’s mismanagement of a poor hydrothermal plant that only serves the wealthy. We chatted for several hours while hoping my wallet would turn up.

I say with them until they left because it’s difficult to walk on a sandy beach with cuts on my foot. My shoes made it worse because I have a blister on my left heel where my shoe meets my ankle.

Anyway, so I did exercise on the water to blow off steam and not be angry at multifaceted setbacks I am encountering. I figured if I was social on social media, people would act how they do in real life when I approach them.

Surprisingly nothing happened.

I figured I could get lost looking for my parking garage and see what happens with no wallet and a dead cellphone, or I could ask someone to help me get to Norman’s Tavern. I was a Marine in a technical occupation, I have my masters, and I’ve sold products door to door, in an office, over the phone to directors and ceos of companies. I also started a business with my ex wife. In general, I am not shy and I expect people to be fairly reasonable if we keep away from status-based topics.

I could understand why people wouldn’t give a barefoot man with a leather laptop bag a ride to an Airbnb at 2 am. 🤦‍♂️ I didn’t expect to get blantanly laughed at callled names by passers by who looked well to do.

I thought someone at some point would say something because I don’t look like a person of ill repute, at least I am sure I do not carry myself that way, but I don’t know. People have different meanings for that, so thought to say what someone’s ill repute threahold is. I understand why no one did though. I wouldn’t do the same, but we are not all the same people. I have to do a better job accepting that.

I was pretty emotionally overwhelmed walking 10 miles barefoot in Miami at 2 am because of my own decisions.

Anyway, I made to my Airbnb and the staff hooked me up. Great people. I was also able to get a drink. I was going to hail an Uber once my phone was charged, but I had jogged 4 miles in the morning and the walk just took all the life out of me. I slept from 4 until about now ish. Terrible for my schedule, but it could be worse, I guess.

Anyway, if you’re a person reading this, a human person who’s experienced trauma and can be fairly reasonable about personal boundaries, I’ll be at South Point Pier again today hoping that the people who found my wallet can find it.

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My wallet is my life.



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