Emerald Espeon Pt. 13

Emerald Espeon is a multi-part Pokémon fan-fiction short story. Read and enjoy.

I had a scheduled writing session for today. I had other obligations and wrote the chapter later in the evening. I also recorded it on Twitch with sound this time. I describe my writing process and what I am doing. Feel free to watch and critique. Thank you.

Hearts made of soft light manifest around Espeon and swirl around Clefable. Each heart makes its way to Clefable’s chest.

compassionate gaze.

“No, Clefable! Snap out of it!” she commands, adamant and concerned. “This is what happened last time!” Janine mutters.

“Last time? What do you mean, last time, Janine? This is the first time we’ve fought. Isn’t it?” The Tsunami asks, reaching for his Gible.

“Well,” Janine starts to say. She looks down at her feet. The Tsunami Samurai pretends not to notice Janine kick a small mound of dust, anxious and uneasy. “I didn’t– not us, I mean. I never fought you with my Clefable, but Espeon’s trainer, oh man. She pulled out all of the stops on us, and concluded our battle using Attract,” Janine says, maintaining her bearing. She adjusts her loose-fitting purple sleeve on her left forearm and sighs. “It was during the battle for my Medium selection. When the Arceus Trio approached me to be one of the trainers who can transcend time and space to protect the language of the Source Unown. I leapt at the chance,” she says, watching Clefable stare Espeon down in adoration. Janine clenches her fist. “Clefable! Snap out of it!” she yells again, before resuming her conversation with the Tsunami Samurai.

“So, what happened?” the Tsunami Samurai asks, petting Gible with delicate compassion, intrigued by how soft its coarse, dry-skin feels against his finger tips. The trainer smirks when Gible snorts in its sleep and rolls over in his embrace. Janine flashes a smile beneath her scarlet scarf, and sighs.

“She pulled off an Attract. In front of Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Azelf… and,” Janine pauses and sighs again. She inhales standing tall and exhales, visibly deflated and self-conscious. ” And… my dad,” she concludes, speaking softer and staring at the ground again. “I fought that Espeon with everything I had and it just wiped us out like dry, brittle breadcrumbs crumbs at a Pokemon Center Poffin Table. It was a beating that I took like a professional trainer. Not my proudest moment, but I didn’t, and still don’t know how to counter that Espeon’s Attract. It works on every opposite gendered Pokemon, except your Umbreon, because obviously, they’re like intertwined, or whatever,” she mutters, trailing off into an indiscernible rant about the Tsunami Samurai’s Umbreon. “Anyway, that’s that! I’m done sulking! Clefable do a Rain Dance, you won’t hurt Espeon!”

“Fable?” Clefable asks, touching a claw to its wide lip and pondering the depth of Janine’s statement. “Clefable,” it responds, nodding. Clefable looks up and tilts its torso back raising its arms. It starts waving its fingers like it’s about to use a Metronome attack. The ground starts to steam. Water evaporates around Clefable, condensing into small, pearlescent clouds, that expand and darken as they continue to rise. The clouds cover the gray, sandy battlefield around the lake in the center of the cliff. The waterfall continues running at a fast pace.

Several droplets darken the dirt. Then, a torrential downpour rains on Clefable and Espeon. In it’s attracted state, Clefable waddles to Espeon, covering her her head with his hands. Protecting her from the rain.

“Clefable! No!” Janine shouts, waving her arms and stomping. She crosses both arms and gives Espeon a dirty look, and mutters something to herself.

“What’s that?” The Tsunami Samurai asks, unsure about giving Espeon another command. He is curious about what Janine will execute next. “Hey, Espeon, just stay on guard, okay?”

Espeon nods and tries to kick wet dirt at Clefable. Her paws aren’t strong enough to dig without additional effort, so she uses a Psybeam and explodes dirt around Clefable, caking it gray mud.

Clefable doesn’t flinch. It smiles and nods at Espeon, oblivious to its actions. Clefable doesn’t pause to clean the dirt off itself. Instead, he stands by, admiring Espeon’s lavender fur. Clefable shakes his head, suggesting it will take more than that to shake its unwavering, move-manufactured dedication.

Espeon laughs at Clefable’s weakness. Purple and black aura surround Espeon’s head as it charges up a Psychic attack. The red gem on its forehead flickers twice.

Espeon unleashes a direct blast at Clefable’s mud-crusted face, stunning it, temporarily.

“Espeon!” the trainer shouts. “Finish it off with an Iron Tail. I don’t think there’s too much left to this battle.”

Espeon leaps into the air and rolls into a front flip. It’s tail shines and attracts nickel, aluminum and iron particles, growing denser and heavier until Espeon slams its tail down like a razor between Clefable’s large, pointy pink and brown ears.


Clefable stops Espeon’s Iron Tail with a rising Mega Punch. Its bulky arm ripples from the force between the two attacks when Clefable’s knuckles collide with Espeon’s tail. Espeon composes itself in midair and jumps to the ground. She looks at the trainer awaiting the next command.

“I’m not sure. I didn’t expect this turn,” the Tsunami Samurai says, smiling at Espeon. He swaddles his Gible like an infant, then presses a mound of dirt together with his Samurai clogs. He rests Gible on the soft, malleable wad of compacted soil, and puts his blue gi over Gible’s small, round body. “Well, I guess, we just gotta put it down, then?” he says, smirking.

“Fat chance!” Janine screams, pointing at Espeon. “Clefable, while Rain Dance is still affecting the battlefield, use Thunder! As many times as possible!” She demands, bowing her wrists out and standing like an amused child throwing a tantrum.

The sky tears open and purple lighting strike zaps Espeon.


It explodes on impact, frying the small Pokemon.

Another lighting strand rips the clouds and makes Espeon convulse when it strikes.

“Espeon!” the Tsunami Samurai shouts. “Use Light Screen and shield yourself!”

“Pri!” Espeon shouts, acknowledging the command. She closes her eyes and materializes a thin glass platform over her body.

Boom! Clank! Tink!

Lighting hits the Light Screen and bursts. Thunder rumbles the ground.

Espeon swiftly dodges the remaining barrage of strikes; leaping left, then somersaulting forward, backwards, or rolling to the right as needed to avoid electrocution.

“Espeon, Sunny Day while you dodge!” the trainer shouts. He glances at Janine who’s fixated on Clefable.

“Clefable, don’t give Espeon the satisfaction! Use Sunny Day yourself!” she calls out, determined. Janine scratches her short black hair and then crosses her arms. She stands with the heels of her feet pressed together. Tall and silent, like a shinobi peering from the shadows. Then, hit it with the best Fire Blast you’ve got!”

“Espeon, dodge the Fire Blast when you can and hit Clefable with another Iron Tail!” The Tsunami Samurai exclaims, eager and excited.

Clefable widens its stance and spreads its arms out. Heat escapes from the pores on its skin, distorting the appearance of Clefable’s pink, rubbery flesh. Fire starts to swirl around Clefable’s arms and legs. Clefable blasts a blazing mass of flames in the shape of a cross with wide separate legs at Espeon.

Espeon sprints toward the attack and slides underneath Clefable, surprising it. Janine and the Tsunami Samurai’s jaws drop. The trainer holds back a clap, and shouts “Nice one! Iron Tail!”

Espeon nods, raising its stance higher, and gaining momentum as it crosses the gap between its large opponent. Before Clefable can blink, it sees a bright, metallic tail slamming into its field of vision, and everything turns black.

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