Emerald Espeon Pt. 12

Emerald Espeon is a multi-part Pokémon fan-fiction short story. Read and enjoy.

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“I am not sure I’m following the relevance, Janine,” the Tsunami Samurai states, trying to understand. “What does this have to do with anything?”

“That Espeon scares me. That’s it, okay. That Espeon and it s amazing trainer both terrify me. I have her trainer’s posters on my wall. She’s a big deal. You’re both… I can’t say anything. This is a test and you are passing. You both have a long way to go, but you’re both passing. You and her. Umbreon and Espeon.”

“Um, okay?” the Tsunami Samurai says, uncertain what to make of that information. “Espeon, ready?”


Clefable stares Espeon down. It’s large, bulbous belly protruding forward. Clefable clenches its fists. It looks back at Janine, awaiting a clear indication that the battle has commenced.

Janine stands behind Clefable, avoiding Espeon’s gaze.

Espeon blinks, somewhat confused and amused by Janine’s erratic, fearful behavior.

“Ugh,” Janine says, shivering as she looks at Espeon. “Okay, well, I guess, we just have to do this,” she concludes, walking farther behind her Pokemon. “Clefable, Cosmic Power! Increase your defenses! Espeon’s going to hit you with strong Psychic attacks!”

Clefable shuts its eyes and focuses. Bllue, yellow and red orbs float around Clefable, imbuing it with an orange glow. “Fable!” Clefable shouts, feeling energized. Clefable’s pink wings glitter and shine.

Espeon yawns, licking its purple paw. Unamused, Espeon lays down and glares at Clefable. Both Pokemon remain silent for several seconds.

“Uh, Espeon?” the Tsunami Samurai asks, scratching his head, and then his large blue rabbit ears. His nose twitches as he observes Espeon and decides what to do next. He looks at Janine and admires her purple shinobi garbs. “Espeon, doesn’t see your Clefable as a worthy opponent,” the trainer says, sighing. He shrugs at Janine. “Sorry. I can’t make her do something if she doesn’t want to.” He pauses and squares up to shout a command at Espeon. “Espeon, get up,” he says, trying to sound authoritative.

“Rawr!” Espeon says, lying on the ground, challenging the trainer to make her. It yawns again.

The trainer Tsunami Samurai interchangeably) shrugs. “See,” he says to Janine.

Janine smiles. “Understood. I know Espeon’s trainer, and, you, you aren’t her. No one is,” she says. Janine sits on a gray boulder at the edge of the calm, magical lake feeding the rushing waterfall. “This battle is also on a time limit using this waterfall, just so you’re aware. Anyway, Clefable, while Espeon is busy doubting us, use Misty Terrain and then rush it with a Giga Impact!”

Clefable nods. It’s gelatinous bang wiggles when it leans forward and stands back up. It raises it’s hefty arms and lets out a loud “Om!” that lasts several seconds.

Espeon, unimpressed, continues lying on the ground and playing with dirt between her paws. Espeon pats a pile of dust and coughs, then it looks up at Clefable and sighs. Clefable’s Misty Terrain is not only unimpressive, but it pales in comparison to Sylveon’s. Espeon looks at the Tsunami Samurai and tilts her chin at the sleeping Gible in the trainer’s arms.

The trainer shakes his head. “We tried that with that Gyarados. You killed it. I’m taking a hard pass on that one, Espeon,” the Tsunami Samurai says, stern. He looks down Gible and tries not to think about it battling.

Espeon barks, rebuking the trainer’s compassion for the fledgling Pokemon. She stands up and exhales, impatient and angry that she has to battle Clefable after witnessing Lucario’s brawl with Koga’s Blissey. Espeon rushes in and headbutts Clefable in the stomach while it charges up its Misty Terrain attack.

Clefable elbows Espeon’s head before it lands the hit. Clefable’s flabby elbow strikes just above the gem on Espeon’s head.

The loud “Whack!” echoes across the floating lakeside battlefield suspended in the abyss.

Espeon hits the ground, stunned.

Pink mist rises from the gray dirt. The battlefield shimmers with brilliant twinkling specks dancing around the mist.

Espeon spits at Clefable’s odd, hooded feet. Her spit hits one of the large nails on Clefable’s left foot. Espeon growls and the gem on its head flashes.

It hits Clefable with a Psychic: purple aura forms around Espeon as Espeon’s pitch black eyes flicker white. A black orb with purple electricity grows between Espeon and Clefable.


It explodes in Clefable’s face, knocking the hefty Pokemon backwards. It tumbles over the gray, lifeless dirt.


Clefable falls into the lake, bellyflopping on its back. “Fable!” Clefable shrieks when the it smacks the lake’s surface.

“Oh no!” the Tsunami Samurai shouts, running toward the lake.

“Stop!” Janine commands, moving instantly in front of the trainer with cat-like grace and the deft swiftness only a shinobi can execute. She puts hand up. “Espeon is treating Clefable like an opponent. Clefable is fine. Despite my, uh, feelings, toward her Espeon. Just let the battle unfold. If you can’t keep Espeon under control, Azelf will jump in.”

The trainer and Janine nod at each other. Janine adjusts her red shinobi scarf and ensures it’s covering her mouth and nose.

Clefable climbs out of the water from a berm on the edge of the lake. It shakes off and sprints for Espeon. It’s body is firm and doesn’t wiggle or jiggle despite it’s mass and low center gravity. It waddles slightly due to its small legs in proportion to its long body. Clefable spreads its arms out, ready to slam into Espeon with a Giga Impact.

“Espeon! It’s going to —“

“Espeon!” Espeon barks back, interrupting the trainer mid sentence. The gem on Espeon’s head glows and a film of prismatic wax covers its lavender coat.


Clefable slams into Espeon belly first. Rocks and debris explode around the battling Pokemon, shrouding them in a plume of dirt. The dust clears and Janine gasps.

Clefable is pushing its gut against Espeon’s head, but its Reflect attack put them both in stalemate. Clefable forces a foot forward, dragging dirt ahead of itself while Espeon pushes back without effort.

Espeon growls and leaps at Clefable’s eye. Clefable flinches, ducking. Espeon’s fangs sink into its ear. Clefable yowls and stomps around aimless and frantic. It swings Espeon, slamming her into the ground, but Espeon’s Reflect just pushes the dirt away. The ground moves slams against Espeon, not the other way around. “Agh!” Clefable shrieks running around the battlefield. It swings its head wildly.

Espeon doesn’t budge. It sinks its fangs deeper in Clefable’s pointy ear, pressing down on the firm flesh.

“Clefable! Calm Mind! I know it’s hard with Espeon dangling from your ear and all, but do your best, Clefable!” Janine shouts, standing patient beside the Tsunami Samurai. She extends her hand to pet the swaddled Gible. “Can I?” She asks. “I’ve never seen one. We get a lot of Garchomps at the gym. Gible don’t live in Kanto. I’ve always wanted to touch its rough skin. It’s so cute!”

The Tsunami Samurai gently passes the Gible to Janine. “You can hold it, if you want. Gible is out like a light. I don’t think it’s gonna wake up,” he says, nonchalant.

Janine cradles the Gible in her arms. “Oh my gosh, Gible’s skin is so, surprisingly, smooth… for how dry and rough it looks.”

“I think Gible can control how its skin feels depending on how it feels, emotionally, I mean,” the Tsunami Samurai responds, observing Clefable and Espeon.

Clefable stands still. A vein bulges out of its wide forehead.

Espeon chuckles while sinking its teeth deeper.

“That’s it, Clefable!” Janine shouts. “Mega Punch, Espeon in the stomach when you can!”

Clefable exhales and grabs Espeon’s hind leg. It yanks Espeon off its ear.


Clefable unleashes a devastating Mega Punch in Espeon’s sternum.

“Pi!” Espeon shrieks, surprised. Espeon leaps back, unfazed by the attack. It stands firm, planting its paws in the dirt, and nods. “Pai-yu!” Espeon says, eager for a good fight.


Both combatants stare each other down.

Clefable smiles at Espeon. She smiles back.

“Clefable!” Janine shouts, “Now, Body Slam!”

Clefable spreads it arms out and slams itself against Espeon, crushing it against the ground in an instant. Espeon kicks Clefable away and leaps in the air. It thrashes about several feet above the ground.

“Espeon lift it off the ground with Telekinesis, then hit it with an Attract attack!” The Tsunami Samurai shouts, curious about Clefable’s gender.

“No!” Janine screams when Clefable gets swept off his feet and hurled into the air. “I didn’t think you knew its gender! I thought you lost your memory!” she yells, crossing her arms and sighing into her palm. She rolls her purple sleeves up.

Hearts made of soft light manifest around Espeon and swirl around Clefable. Each heart makes its way to Clefable’s chest.

Clefable stops fighting the Telekinesis and looks at Espeon with a soft, compassionate gaze.

“No, Clefable! Snap out of it!” she commands, adamant and concerned. “This is what happened last time!” Janine mutters.

“Last time? What do you mean, last time, Janine? This is the first time we’ve fought. Isn’t it?” The Tsunami asks, reaching for his Gible.

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