Emerald Espeon Pt. 9

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy.

Image from the official site: https://scarletviolet.pokemon.com/en-gb/news/terastal_phenomenon/

Check out the latest Pokémon Direct if you have not. It is incredible!

The tera-type Pikachu that can Fly is a great nod to N64 and PKMN Yellow. Imagine if Pikachu can surf?! Crazy!

The graphics don’t look great (at all), but I have faith it’s going to be better than Arceus. With no foundation for this theory, I believe Arceus was a beta Scarlet and Violet, and the reception was good enough to continue investing resources into them.

Despite the controversy in the fanbase, I deeply enjoyed SWOSHI and BDSP. I thought Dynamaxing was an interesting innovation. I like collecting each pokemon and I enjoy the time-intensive grind of breeding SHINY HA 4-6IV pokemon with egg moves. Hopefully, each Pokémon will be their own crypto or NFT someday (fingers crossed). I’ve got 3000 of them in Pokemon home.

Anyway, I am currently playing Temtem. It’s a fun tie-over until November when Pokemon drops. Temtem is still in early access and will be fully released September 6th, so only a portion of the ‘mons and the maps are currently available.

I was enjoying the game until I sold my avatar’s equipped shorts by mistake. There was no identifier or warning specifying that I was selling my equipped gear. My character is running around in his briefs for now, at least until I can afford a new pair of pants in Arissola.

That said, I post on my personal blog and on my FFXIV character. If you’re reading this on my character, no need to read the post on my site.

I don’t like getting redirected, so I figured most people don’t like getting redirected. I’ll avoid it as much as I can going forward. The brevity of this post came at the expense of this really long rant. Apologies in advance.

My goal for posting is twofold: (1) Improvement by mass exposure and (2) I want to write so well that a game company (or person) likes my content and wants me to write for them. I could apply with a portfolio, but where is the fun in that? That’s not a deathbed story, “Hey, son / daughter , I applied for my dream job with my portfolio and got it. Anything is possible.” vs. “Hey, son / daughter, I wrote stuff your mom and I really liked online. People read it and my dream job found me through silly twist and turns. Anything is possible!”

Let me know where and how I need to improve to write a side-quest or story you can see as a scene or that you would like to play, if you want.

Not necessary at all, but it would help.

The trainer reaches the edge of the arena, and prepares to leap.

Swish! A kunai flies toward the back of the trainer’s head!

Zap! Shink!

The trainer slices the kunai in half. Each piece thuds on the dirt by his feet.

“You’re fast,” Koga says, crossing his arms. His purple ninja outfit blends into the darkness, until he steps onto the path. A lamp on the path illuminates Koga as he leans against a sign that reads, “Waterfall Ahead.” His red scarf covers his mouth like a true shinobi. Through the mask, he smiles. “It’s three hundred yards from here to the waterfall. The pit requires speed and agility,” Koga says, nodding proudly. He uncrosses his arms and hands the trainer three Pecha Berries. “Good luck!” he yells. Poof! he vanishes in a haze. Koga’s laughter echoes around the trainer.

“Thanks…” the trainer mutters, shaking his head. He lets his straw samurai hat hang on his back. The twine holding the hat against his body is fastened comfortably across his neck. He closes his eyes and listens for Lucario fighting Koga’s Blissey.


“Must be too far.” The trainer sighs and looks at the path ahead. He remembers Koga from somewhere, but where? He knows his name. He knows Koga’s face. Where did he meet him? Why did Koga hand over those Pecha Berries, too? This stinks of poison.

The trainer stands still, staring at the slowing waterfall. “I have to move. If I lose this battle, I’m not sure what happens next,” he says to himself, picking up the trail and brushing his fingers through his dirty, greasy, black hair. He rubs the sweat and grease off his hands onto his gold samurai gi and cringes when he sees the dirt stains and smells himself.

Healing doesn’t wash off the filth. This is it for now, and the next few battles.

The trainer clenches a fist and mutters, “Be strong, Lucario.” He doesn’t hear anything, but he knows Lucario heard him. He knows Lucario will do its best, even if it doesn’t win against Blissey.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the barren island housing the arena, Lucario launches an Aura Sphere attack at Blissey.

The blue energy mass misses.

Blissey reduces its size and increases its speed using the move Minimize.

Minimize allows a pokemon to mimic entering its pokeball, but Pokemon can only shrink to certain proportions until the move fails. Normally, Blissey is 4′ 11″ and 103.2 lbs. It’s currently dodging at 3 feet 10 inches and 72 lbs. Its girth and oblong shape enable Blissey to sit on its rear end and dodge Lucario’s punches like a slippery egg, teasing the chef who’s trying to crack it open.

Lucario’s dog-like face grows more rabid and angry with each successive miss. For every four or five punches it misses, Blissey whacks Lucario twice with its delicate, tiny hands. The slaps are more of an insult to Lucario as a combatant than anything else. It doesn’t want to disappoint its trainer.

Lucario holds its hand up and manifests a bone in his paws again. This time, the Bone Club splits into two and Lucario is holding one half in each hand, like dull giant chicken bones being used as katanas. Lucario uses Extreme Speed to dash forward and slide in the direction Blissey dodges to.

Lucario moves fast and locks eyes with Blissey for a second. Blissey dodges right into Lucario’s range, and its eyes open wide.

Lucario grins, exposing a row of gnarled canine teeth and a vicious, victorious build-up of saliva. “Arrrrooooooooooooo!” Lucario howls, kicking the rotund Blissey into the air, and leaping up after it.


Lucario whacks Blissey with one bone club, forcing Blissey to pop back to its normal size. The impact sends Blissey soaring to the ground like a meteor.

Lucario launches after it, diving from the air. It makes itself more aerodynamic by straightening its body and keeping its arms at its side. Lucario reaches the ground before Blissey, then takes an odd power stance.

It stands on one leg and crosses both Bone Clubs across its chest like a mummy. Lucario closes its eyes and uses Focus Energy. Then, it uses Detect to pinpoint the exact moment Blissey will be in its range. Lucario sees its opening and strikes!

But, he’s too late.

Unknown to Lucario, Blissey had used a Light Screen on itself to reduce the impact of Lucario’s Bone Clubs. Lucario was so enraged it didn’t notice the sheen on his opponents fur.

Blissey barrels toward Lucario and unleashes a blinding Dazzling Gleam. “Biaaaaaassssyyyy!” It shouts, landing its attack. Boom! The force knocks Lucario back, but his bone clubs shield him from most of the damage.

Lucario’s clubs break and it tosses them on the ground as Blissey charges closer. It leaps forward with a paw out and uses Force Palm.

Blissey deflects Lucario’s Force Palm with a Focus Punch.

Lucario’s furry palm hits Blissey’s bulbous, gelatinous blob of an arm. The combatants’ attacks cancel each other out, causing a large reverberation of energy that repels the two apart. They lunge at each other again. Blissey splits into two Blisseys when it uses Double Team to raise its speed.

Both Blisseys use Minimize and dance around Lucario.

Lucario evades both Blisseys’ slaps and punches. It uses a Low Sweep attack to kick both Blisseys off their feet when they get close. The Double Team mirage disappears, and the real Blissey slams into the ground, face-planting into the dirt. “Grrrrr !” Blissey growls, shaking the dirt off its face. It motions to eat one of its eggs using Soft Boiled in order to restore its health.

Lucario intercepts the move and crushes the egg in Blissey’s hand. It grabs Blissey and slams it to the dirt again using a Circle Throw, and then leaps backwards before Blissey can attack it. Lucario’s blue fur and black ears blend in with the environment.

For a moment, Blissey’s concussion causes it to lose sight of Lucario. Blissey shrieks letting out a Disarming Voice. It can smell Lucario’s “Fighting” Type – typing and believes that a Fair move would cause significant damage; however, Blissey can’t smell Steel. It’s never battled a Lucario and does not know that Lucario are Steel and Fighting types.

Lucario covers its ears and barks while Blissey continues shrieking in high-pitched, eardrum-rupturing decibels. With its eyes closed, the Blissful Medium’s Blissey doesn’t see the Aura Sphere Lucario fires from its palms like a Kamehameha wave.

Thwack! Boom!

In the distance, the trainer runs out of breath as he reaches a large clearing facing a steep drop. On the other side, Koga sits cross-legged on a rock beside the waterfall.

“Venemoth!” Koga shouts into the darkness. “Come!”

Low buzzing echoes in the distance.

The ground starts vibrating.

Buzzzzzz! Buzz! Buzzzzz!

The ground quakes, slow and controlled. Then, it rumbles.

A horde of red-eyed Venemoth appears between the trainer and Koga.

“Get across without fainting from the poison. If you can do it with three Pecha Berries, and make it up to the top of this waterfall, you can claim this victory, –, ” Koga says, almost finishing the sentence with a name. He catches himself, and pauses. “Tell me trainer!” he shouts from across the chasm. “Have we met?”

PSN / Twitch / Twitter / Instagram: @beautifulmedium

I’m not trying to stream or anything like that. I want to be known for my writing.

Googling Beautiful Medium didn’t yield any search results so I just kind of ran with it. I didn’t want to give myself a way to back out, so I made all my profiles the same name so I see it whenever I do anything. It’s going to change at some point so I’m not sure that was a wise move. I wasn’t sure about using my real name though. I am very spooked when it comes to online privacy for various irrational reasons, including a possible progression toward transhumanism where one psychopath is in control of the tech that manipulates how we see reality. More data access = more access to your habits and idiosyncrasies. If my audience read paperback books, I’d be doing that, but personally I hate fiction books. I read a lot of non-fiction and play my fiction in games.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Feedback is appreciated, but unnecessary. Tell people about it if it’s good. Tell me it sucks if it’s bad.

My name is Mark, or you can just say “bm”.

Yes, “bm”.

“Beautiful Medium” is also a huge pun about how I feel about all my creative efforts. I figured this would be my last attempt at this.

Thanks for reading this far down.



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