Emerald Espeon Pt. 8

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy.

Any feedback is appreciated. Share if it’s good.

Large dragon hands hold the edges of the portal open. A chubby dinosaur steps out one giant orange foot at a time. He has a green turtle shell on his back. The serpent combs his red mane and exhales smoke. “Bowser, nice ta’ meet ya,” the dinosaur says, greeting the trainer. “I hope you’re ready for a race.”

The trainer shrugs. “Just stop,” he says, ambivalent. The trainer crosses his arms. Espeon yawns, stretches and then lies down. Gible clenches its fists and stands its trainer’s side, prepared for battle. It watches Bowser, then glances up at the trainer.

Bowser claps. He grins and tilts his head. Bowser grabs his spiky collar and presses something. Smoke wisps out in all directions, concealing Bowser in a shroud. “Impressive… ” a man says from behind the hazy black veil. “Koga, Former Fuschia City Gym Leader,” he says, approaching the trainer with several ninja stars in his palms. Koga’s purple gi complements his black undershirt, and juxtaposes Koga’s red scarf. “What revealed my disguise, trainer?”

“I’m not sure. I just wasn’t buying it,” the trainer responds, shaking his head. “So, what are we really doing?” he asks Gym Leader Koga.

Koga puts his hand by his face and whistles.

Azelf appears and hovers above Koga and the trainer. It puts its hands in a prayer gesture and the ground shakes again. A waterfall rises on the outer edge of the arena. “There’s a finite amount of water in the reservoir. In one hour’s time in this world, the water will cease to fall,” he says, his raspy voice cutting through his scarlet mask. “A Pokémon of your choosing must defeat Blissey while you and I race to the top of the water fall before time runs out.”

“Easy enough,” the trainer responds, tossing a pokéball and sending out a Lucario. Lucario’s snout twitches. It looks at Blissey and pauses.

“That Blissey was blessed by Tapu Lele in the Alola region. That sweet scent you smell makes it nearly impossible to smell where Blissey actually is.”

“Ok,” the trainer says, adjusting his sneakers. “While they battle, I have to run to the end of this dirt platform here, leap onto the rocks around the waterfall and climb up the side until I reach the top. Who cares what Blissey smells like. It’s hard to miss, and Lucario’s a Fighting and Steel type. The bristles on its body are too durable for any of Blissey’s physical attacks. No matter how you slice it, this is pretty much in the bag.” The trainer stares Koga down and rolls his eyes, unenthusiastic and unimpressed. “Let’s just get this over with, has-been gym leader,” the trainer says. He has a flashback and sees Koga fighting beside a Venemoth. “Why do I remember that?” He wonders. The trainer shakes it off, and looks ahead.

The arena stretches for miles before its edge plunges into nowhere. The giant waterfall across the gap flows down at full power. It sounds like a train rushing through the tracks at night.

“Blissey!” Koga shouts, limbering his head by jostling his neck side to side. He jogs in place, pepping himself up and preparing to take off. “MINIMIZE!” Koga commands, darting off like a starving Crobat looking for Mothim and Dustox to devour. He leaps ahead, nimble like an Aipom, as he weaves through the arena’s rocky terrain like a Hitmonlee bounding hurdles.

Blissey’s height and circumference shrink from around five feet tall, close to Lucario’s eye level, to about two feet, closer to Gible’s size.

“What… ” the trainer mutters, speechless. He sprints after Koga, while unsure what order to shout to Lucario.


A ninja star grazes past the trainer’s cheek.

Swooosh! Another comes flying at him.

Shink! Clink!

The trainer knocks it away with a rapid slash.

Tink! It hits the ground.

“Lucario use a Swords Dance to get in the zone and then Detect that Blissey!” he shouts, pursuing Koga while sliding and slashing his way past ninja stars, kunai and throwing knives.


He swipes up and deflects two throwing knives to the ground.

“Fool!” Koga shouts, appearing close by. Wham! Koga’s rubber sole bashes the trainer’s jaw, stunning him and knocking him off guard. He stumbles and tries to punch Koga. Koga elbows the trainer’s shoulder and kicks him in the stomach. “A ninja moves even more swiftly than his daggers. You saw through the disguise, see through the theatrics. This battle will push you to your limit!” Koga shouts, putting his fingers together in a swift motion and vanishing into a cloud of smoke.

The trainer catches his breath and admires Koga’s fighting spirit. He sprints after the gym leader once more.

Behind the trainer, Blissey evades Lucario’s Close Combat attack, a series of quick and powerful, disciplined kicks and punches. Its dances around Lucario’s large paws, seeing every blow before it lands.

“Blissey!” Blissey shouts, side-stepping a direct hit from Lucario. Lucario’s heel strikes the air past Blissey. Blissey opens a palm and uses a series of Doubleslaps on Lucario. Lucario hits Blissey’s hand away and almost lands a strike, but Blissey uses a perfectly-timed Defense Curl and deflects Lucario’s attack. It spins around gracefully and tosses an egg at Lucario.

The egg explodes, knocking Lucario back against rubble and debris.


“What was that?!” the trainer screams, sliding to a halt. He’s too far to run back to Lucario and still too far away from the waterfall. He looks around, seeing if he can spot Koga.

The waterfall’s stream slows down.

The trainer hesitates. How is Lucario? Where is Koga? What should he do?

“Move!” Koga shouts, appearing from the shadows. He leaps from a mound of dirt with his fist out; the trainer catches Koga’s fist and rolls, quickly grabbing Koga’s forearm and grappling Koga to the ground. Bam! Koga hits the deck!

Swish! He tosses several ninja stars in the trainer’s direction.

Shing! Shink! Clank! Kling!

The trainer’s agility outpaces the kunai, but, again, he open himself to Koga’s attack. Koga leaps from the ground. “Vertical Knee!” he wails, sticking both arms up, attempting to uppercut the trainer with his right knee.

The trainer takes a deep breath and shouts, “Force Palm!” He hits the side of Koga’s knee with the flatside of his palm and knocks Koga into the ground. The trainer wastes no time and makes haste toward the waterfall.


Blissey dodges Lucario, grabs its fist and slaps it repeatedly, angering Lucario and making it lose its patience.

Lucario headbutts Blissey, but its head misses Blissey by a hair. Lucario closes its eyes and waits for the right moment.

Blissey saunters in Lucario’s radius for another attack, but Lucario Detects Blissey and manages to land a Power Up Punch: an attack that increases in force with each successful hit.


It’s super-effective! Blissey stumbles!

Blissey uses the move Soft-Boiled and grabs an egg from its pouch. It feasts, regaining nutrition and energy. Blissey rushes Lucario, waving its fingers, using the move Metronome. Metronome enables Blissey to use a random move.

Lucario closes in on Blissey with a fist out, ready to deliver another Power Up Punch.

Blissey completes its Metronome attack and spews a Fire Blast from its mouth.

“Aaaaaarp!” Lucario whelps and whines, defending itself from the blast.

The heat from the fire is super effective against Lucario’s soft, steel fur. Lucario leaps at Blissey who shrinks again using another Minimize attack. Blissey evades and evades until Lucario punches at the ground. “Lucario!” it roars, frantic and angry.

Blissey stomps and bounces, using its weight to trigger an Earthquake attack. The ground around Lucario opens up and rocks collide, bashing into each other, swallowing Lucario whole.

Lucario focuses, using Extreme Speed and Rock Smash in rapid succession, pummeling and shattering the earth and rock falling around it. Lucario manifests a large bone in its hand and uses it as a club to strike Blissey.

Fhwip! Thwack!

Lucario hits the ground, and tries to swipe at Blissey again.

Blissey laughs and tosses an egg in Lucario’s face, while waving its fingers. The egg explodes like grenade, and Blissey uses Metronome again. This time the move fails and Blissey’s Minimize wears off. It returns to normal size and speed.

Whack! Blissey pummels its fists at Lucario like a martial artist, using the move Brick Break. Lucario knocks back each attack with a Meteor Mash punch.

The two Pokémon land blows in tandem. Striking each other’s fists.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the arena, the trainer continues sprinting and looking out for Koga. He gets closer to the edge and tries to remember where he knows Koga from. Are they from the same time?

The trainer uses his Lighting Tsunami blade to power his sword with electrically-charged water. He creates long-range, electrified-water slash beams with each strike. They super charge the air in front of the trainer and prevent projectiles from hitting him, while also doing continuous electric damage on enemies who get hit.

The trainer reaches the edge of the arena, and prepares to leap.

Swish! A kunai flies toward the back of his head!

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Thanks for reading. Feedback (and/or corrections) is (are) appreciated.
I try to post M, W and F by 8 pm (or by 10 pm).

If the story is bad, but writing is good, great.
If the writing is bad, but the story is good, great.

If both the writing and the story are bad, please let me know.

Emerald Espeon is not a reference to the new pokemon gimmick or the adorable Diamond Eevee, which I am very excited about. I wonder what the gems will do in conjunction with the evolutionary paths in the game.

Let me know if pokemon makes for an enjoyable read.
I love to write horror and scifi.
I’ll try my hand at anything though. I want to improve my skill and versatility. Thank you.



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