Emerald Espeon Pt. 7

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Thanks.

Any feedback is appreciated. Share if it’s good.

Absol uses a Slash attack, then tries to follow it up with a Sucker Punch. Sylveon flinches, and doesn’t see Absol approach.

“Absol, Iron Tail!” Morrigan shouts.

The trainer manages to evade her stare. He sprints and catches Absol’s Iron Tail attack with his blade.

“Now, Sylveon! Moonblast!” he shouts, struggling to hold Absol back.


“Rauhhhhh!” Absol wails, flying backwards. Absol does a flip in the air, and lands on its feet. Then, it howls and rushes the trainer. “Absol!” It chants, slicing at the trainer with wild conviction.

Morrigan flings a rotating scythe at the trainer. Sylveon jumps in the way and uses Protect on the trainer, shielding him in a magical barrier for several seconds. Then, Sylveon’s body shines bright. Morrigan’s scythe makes a direct hit on Sylveon and shatters.

The trainer smiles at Sylveon. “Good job!” he cheers, sprinting away from Absol and deflecting a barrage of slashes. “Now, Quick Attack and get hit by the other sycthe!” the trainer commands. He sprints at Morrigan who’s confused by Sylveon breaking one of her blades.

Morrigan holds the scythe in her hands, raises it again, and summons a third rotating weapon shrouded in black and purple mist. She lets the scythe in her hand go and the three scythes float around her like an offensive shield. Swish! Zoom! Quish! Slash! The blades slice through the air and magically cut through the ground without destroying it. She hovers toward the trainer, grinning.

The trainer manages to slide right under Morrigan’s body when she gets close.

Absol runs around her and the blades, then wham!

Sylveon tackles it head on, and unleashes a Disarming Voice attack. The vibrational intensity of the attack resonates with the fairy mist permeating the battlefield.

Morrigan falls from the air and hits the ground. “Aaaah!” She shrieks, covering her ears, angry and eager for victory. “Absol, Psycho Cut the trainer, then Psych Up and chase that Sylveon down!” she commands, holding herself up from collapsing.

Absol roars, chasing its tail barbarically. Its white fur make it look like a black dog covered in snow, barking like a rabid beast.

Sylveon’s attack echoes across the infinite battlefield into the abyss of the cosmos. “Raaauuuuu-ahhh!” It cries, continuing its Disarming Voice. The ribbons around its neck absorb the glowing light radiating from its body.

Absol begins to tremble. It struggles to see straight with how bad its ears hurt. Absol tries to stand its ground and attack the trainer again with a Psycho Cut attack. The psychic slash misses and the trainer slices Absol with his sword. The sword whacks its head, doing nothing.

“Grrrrrrrrr! Rawr!” Absol wails, its white fur standing on end. Absol roars again, and Morrigan looks at Sylveon in horror as one of her rotating scythes appear in front of it.

“Retaliate on Absol, Sylveon!” the trainer says, leaping toward Morrigan. He draws his blade up above his head and swipes and misses. Morrigan slashes him with her claws. He deflects her attack and kicks her out of the air in a swift motion.

Morrigan punches the trainer in the stomach, kicking him back. They go toe-to-toe for a moment. Wham! She punches him. Swish! He evades and elbows her side. She blocks with her wings. A gust knocks the trainer back again. He digs his sword into the ground and leaps into the air.

He summons his sword to his hand and slashes downward above Morrigan.

Sylveon launches Morrigan’s attack at Absol.

The giant, spinning scythe digs into Absol’s body, hacking away at it. It doesn’t do any visible damage – no cuts, no blood, but Absol still suffers from the devastating blow. In a last attempt, Absol tries to use Psych Up, but Sylveon clears the seven-foot distance, charging and then unleashing a focused Moonblast.

Morrigan moves out of the path of the trainer’s sword. He cuts off a bat wing from her head, then quickly slices the other. She loses her balance and smirks. “Now, the real battle begins! Finally! Absol! Mega evolve!” she screams, opening her palms and diabolically holding up her soft hands and hard, talon-like fingernails. She spreads her batwings and regrows the wings on her head.

Absol howls and the ground quakes. Debris rises up around the energy it releases while attempting to mega evolve into its temporary fighting form. Wings grow from Absol’s back. The horn on its head grows larger, along with the single bang on its forehead. Absol’s horn becomes more solid and takes the appearance of an axe head.

Morrigan clutches her fists against her chest and then abruptly extends her arms. “Aaaaaaah!” she screams, drawing in the elemental mist Sylveon used to enhance its attack. Morrigan’s jet black wings turn a light pink. She hovers in the air, and pink energy spikes rain from the black void overhead, crashing into the ground.

Sylveon uses Reflect over itself and the trainer.

Absol’s Mega Evolved form is immune to Morrigan’s redistribution of Sylveon’s attack. It launches at Sylveon and uses a blinding Flash attack in its face.

Bam! Whack!

Absol hits Sylveon in the jaw with an Iron Tail, then quickly uses a headbutt and knocks Sylveon to the ground.

Red light traces Absol’s mega-evolved body. It uses Psych Up to transform itself into an agile, slicing hammer by increasing the size of its veins and allow more blood to flow rapidly in its body, thereby improving its strength and speed. Mega Absol appears to grow larger, wider, and meaner.

It looks down at Sylveon and growls, then taps Sylveon with its paw. Sylveon doesn’t move. Absol looks at the trainer and Morrigan. Morrigan is flying after the trainer, attacking him with her claws. She slashes the right side of his face, nicking his eye. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” she screams, pausing for second.

“Hurts like hell,” the trainer groans, shaking his head, and rubbing his face. “No blood though. I think we’re good,” he says, vaulting in Morrigan’s direction with his sword in the air.

“Ha!” Morrigan laughs. She flairs her large bat wings and radiates a purple aura. Her energy knocks the trainer back, and he rolls to the ground, then somersaults to his feet and readies his sword. “Absol, one more opponent to go, let’s finish this!”

Mega Absol barks, then howls, materializing copies of itself. Four Mega Absols rush the trainer in unison. Their growling and snarling fangs make the trainer’s knees quiver.

He looks at Sylveon who’s out for the count. The trainer sighs, and looks at Espeon. Then, he sighs again. “Can I summon another Pokémon?” he asks Morrigan.

Azelf descends from the void above Morrigan. “Buuuuuu!” it cries, shaking its head. It’s blue face is still, and it’s large eyes are shut, like its meditating while moving. Azelf’s two tails move in unison, radiating light from the gems at the tips. It glows then vanishes.

Morrigan laughs. “I like that you asked. Most trainers ogle or quit. I haven’t had a match like this in the other worlds,” she says, hovering in place. Her long, straight, blue hair waving gently as she maintains her position. She looks the trainer up and down and feels concern for the confused look on his face. “What is it?” she asks, sticking her palm out to silence the Mega Absol team.

“Other worlds?” the trainer, asks. “I don’t know what you mean by that.”

“The mediums exists outside of space and time. We commune with Palkia and Dialga directly to maintain order across time and space boundaries. I fight trainers in different worlds at different times, while having the luxury to live my normal life in my normal world. The mediums can’t meddle beyond specific tasks. We aren’t allowed to leave our “visitor location,” if that makes sense,” Morrigan says, moving a blue bang to the right side of her face with a slow, graceful slide of her fingers.

The trainer nods. “Makes sense. I guess you would easily cause a power imbalance and other chaos.”

“Something like that,” Morrigan responds. “We test trainers to determine who can wield the power of the Unown. The Source Unown grant the ability to read and write… special texts. Those texts grant trainers the ability to understand Pokémon in their own language. It will allow you to walk freely in any world where Pokémon exist, so long as you do not meddle with their existing language, culture, history, religion and politics.” Morrigan smiles. “Something tells me you’re a good fit for the adventure you are on, and I hope it ends well.” She looks at Sylveon, then Mega Absol, and then back at the trainer. “You defeated us twice this match. I’ve been drawing energy from my home world to keep up the fight. The Source Unown is ready for you, but I would like to conclude our battle if you are up for the challenge of taking Absol and I on alone. It rarely happens, that I face a worthy opponent and you’re not half bad to look at,” she says, winking. Morrigan glides toward the trainer. Her bare feet make contact with the ground and her wings recede back to her waist. She extends her hand. “Pleasure and honor to battle with you trainer. As I said, I am Morrigan. What is your name?”

The trainer pauses and thinks. “I–I,” his sight turns black and he collapses. He’s on the ground being licked by Sylveon when he comes to several seconds later.

“I revived your pokemon,” Morrigan says. “Between Espeon and Sylveon, you have your hands full, don’t you? You know, two female Eevees and Eeveelutions never works well, right? You need balance. Your Espeon is threatened by Sylveon’s cuteness. She wishes she could use fairy moves like Sylveon. Ironically, your Espeon greatly exceeds your Sylveon’s capabilities.”

The trainer stumbles to his feet, and pets Sylveon. “Nekotama — I mean Espeon, doesn’t belong to me actually. I didn’t even know it was female. Or maybe I did and I forgot — I travelled across continents to find its trainer. I remember her face, but everything else is blank. It’s like a portion of my life was erased.”

Morrigan frowns and looks down at her feet. She clutches her right elbow with her left hand, and avoids the trainer’s eyes. “Unfortunately, time travel has unintended effects I don’t fully understand. There isn’t a consistent experience for anyone. The only thing I know is that you come as yourself in appearance and intent. Anyway, trainer, will you battle my Absol and me, alone?”

The trainer nods, and draws his blade.

“Feel free to go as hard as you want. We cannot die, bleed or expire in this space outside of time unless we intend to destroy each other. The aura of Arceus is such that only human free will can break it. If we truly wished we could go against it, but there’s enough death and disaster in the natural world that there’s no need,” Morrigan says, crossing her arms. She takes a deep breath and exhales, then grins at the trainer. Morrigan curtseys and grabs the trainer’s Samurai gi. She brings him close. He blushes. She presses her lips against his ears and whispers, “I am all in, trainer.” Her breath tickles his ear and he trembles. His nose bleeds, but he maintains his bearing. “You shouldn’t have let me get so close,” she whispers, seductive and focused.

Morrigan flips the trainer over by his collar, and slams him onto the hard ground.

The trainer breaks the short tumble and makes a quick slice with his sword.


Mega Absol rams into the blade and knocks it out of the trainer’s hand. Absol raises its claw and tries to hit the trainer with a Night Slash attack. The trainer puts his forearms in the the shape of an X in front of his chest. “Gaaaah!” he yowls when Absol’s horn hits his the back of his wrist. It knocks him off guard, and Morrigan swoops in punching him the face. He grabs her fist and tries to summon his sword to his hand, but Morrigan sweeps him off his feet by soaring into the air.

Mega Absol follows.

They soar until the ground is gone and emptiness surrounds them.

Morrigan’s excitement radiates from her touch. The trainer can feel her eagerness for a good battle. She tosses him to the ground below, and flies after him with a leg out. She kicks him the stomach, then Absol uses Psycho Cut and swirls several energy blasts at him.

The trainer summons his sword, and instinctively yells, “Suicune! Raikou! Lend me your power!” The trainer’s katana shimmers. The edge of the blade turns electric yellow and the rest turns ocean blue. “Lightning Tsunami!” he announces, still plummeting into the darkness.

A wave of electrified water follows the movements of his blade. Confused, he utters another attack name, “Solid Step!”

Without thinking, he slices the air and splits the moisture particles with a hydrogenated electrochemical slash. as he continues barreling through the abyss. Bright particles flicker around him. Zip! Crrrrrsh! Static electricity attracts the particles to the bottoms of trainer’s sandals. His steps are yellow with electricity.

“I don’t know how I know this,” he clarifies before Morrigan speaks. Her face is stone. The trainer shrugs. “Looks like we’re on equal footing wherever we fight.” He charges at Morrigan. “Lightning Storm!” He commands, raising his sword for a vertical plummeting strike.


He slices at Morrigan, electrocuting her. The electricity makes it difficult for her to move. It’s like she’s stunned and moving at 30% speed. She screams and tries to spread her wings to draw energy from her home world and dispel the paralyzing attack. Zip! Zap! The electricity shocks her.

She goes in for a kick. The trainer side steps, and uses Morrigan’s weight against her, hurling her in an unknown direction in the empty space. She breaks her fall with her electrocuted wings.

The trainer’s Lightning Storm begins to fade. “Only a few seconds left,” he mutters, lunging at Absol, who’s gliding toward the trainer at top speed.

It wails, and readies it’s horn to attack.


The trainer cuts Absol’s horn.

The battlefield dematerializes and the three combatants are back on the ground.

“No point in continuing further,” Morrigan says. “I am fighting for the thrill and curiosity.” She makes a fist with her right hand. Absol devolves back to its regular form.

Azelf appears next to the trainer, giggling and gliding around him.

It puts its hands in a prayer gesture. “Haaawuuuuu,” it chants, materializing a special pokeball with all the Unknown inscribed in it.

The unknown resembling a capital “A” glows.

Morrigan bows. “The Blissful Medium will be your next opponent. Good Luck, trainer!”

“Wait!” the trainer shouts, sticking his hand out to to Morrigan. “I’ve got more questions, more —“

“—Mirage Island. Therein lies the key. All the mediums will be where the three Lake Guardians watch over the portals they come from. You will uncover more answers through battle and exploration. I am the gate-keeper so to speak, and you passed with flying colors. Just be aware that some of the battles will be… unconventional, so you will need to be on your toes,” Morrigan says, disappearing.

Azelf nods, opening another portal.

A pink and white egg hops out. “Blissey. Bliss. Blissey,” an adorable Blissey says. It passes the trainer a soft-boiled egg. He eats it and it rejuvenates him and Sylveon. “A — Bliss— Blissey– a — Bliss. Blissey,” Blissey says, making out the letter / sound he comprehends between Blissey’s standard barks and cries.

Large, dragon-like hands hold the edges of the portal and a chubby dragon with a turtle shell climbs out one foot at a time. The shelled-dinosaur combs his red mane and exhales smoke. He cough a few times and clears his throat.

“Bowser, nice ta’ meet ya,” the dinosaur says, greeting the trainer. “I hope you’re ready for a race.”

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