Emerald Espeon Pt. 6

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Thanks.

Any feedback is appreciated. Share if it’s good.

Latias glows green and heals the party to full health then soars to the skies.

“The Abundant Medium is located deep below Lake Valor in the Crimson Mirelands,” Latias says, hovering quietly. “The ancient battle that formed the lake required a fearsome Pokémon and equally fearsome trainer to guard Source Unown “A”. The guardians greatly exceed my counterpart and I in skill and ability. Are you ready?” Latias asks.

The trainer nods. Latias senses his approval and flies higher into the sky.

She ascends above the mountains overlooking the Cobalt Coastlands. Sunrise reflects on the waves. It’s cloudless. Ocean mist bursts along the shore as the waves roll on the sand.

“Can you go higher above the clouds?” the trainer asks, curious. “There’s something I want to see,” he says, hugging Gible close. Gible clutches the trainer and rubs its fin against him.

Latias consents and soars higher, while navigating toward the first medium at Lake Valor.

“Gib-Gible!” It says, smiling, exposing its shark-like teeth. The trainer and his team enjoy the view. After a few minutes, Gible’s excitement tuckers it out and it naps leaning on the trainer.

“So, about these mediums, Latias, and this Emerald dragon — I find the source Unown and then beat them and summon them at the Mirage Island somewhere in the far South East, right?” the trainer asks.

Latias nods. “We have yet to learn if the Emerald dragon is good or bad, nor can I answer anything about it. As far as the mediums go, I will tell you more about each as you face them.”

The trainer stares at Espeon, then puts his head down, covering it with his straw samurai hat. “I found Eevee years ago, then life took several twists and turns, and I never got the chance to share how I felt. Then, I ended up in the past… Here,” the trainer reveals, leaning forward against Latias and embracing her. The trainer stares into the empty sky ahead. Latias parts the clouds like a boat splitting water as she glides forward. She closes her eyes and focuses her attention.

Latias feels the trainer’s melancholy, nostalgia and sorrow. She puts her head down and continues flying. “Where are you from trainer?” Latias asks, already aware of the answer. “I can sense your origin, but your mind feels like half of it is missing – like half of you is gone. How much do you remember before arriving to this land.. to this time?” she asks.

He frowns. “I don’t know. The last thing I remember, I was in Canalave City. I got a Member Card for the local inn from a friend. When I went to the inn, I met a woman whose son was bed-ridden for months because of an accident with a Pokémon. After some research, I discovered the cure for his condition was a Lunar Feather from a Cres…? Cress?–“

“–Cresselia,” Latias inserts, finishing the trainer’s sentence.

He nods. “Yeah. I brought the feather, then something knocked me out and I found myself on an an island shaped like a crescent moon. Espeon was able to enter the dream and defeat Darkrai, except… once Espeon freed me, there was some kind of kerfuffle and commotion out in town. There was ice everywhere and there was a man… named Cyrus–Ah!” the trainer screams grabbing his head.

Espeon rushes by the trainer’s side. “Es..peon?” It asks, concerned.

“I’m alright. I don’t know what that was a memory of,” he responds, petting Espeon’s head. “After that, things get kind of fuzzy… I remember Sunnyshore City for some reason. I remember being in Sinnoh. I’m from Johto. Cianwood City. Born and raised under the tranquil music and wild Pokémon. I fought a man named Red on top of Mt. Silver before going to Hoenn, but something happened and I ended up in the Sinnoh region, and the Team Galactic of my time was trying to hail… Oh my god. Cyrus sent me back in time.” The trainer screams clutching his head again. “What is wrong with me? Why did I just forget that until now!” He shouts, then stares at Espeon and Gibble. He shakes his head and snaps out of it. “All I remember is seeing Cyrus and a flash of light. Then, Arceus spoke and reality fell apart like the walls were wallpaper covering the cosmos. Everything faded, and Espeon and I woke up in Jubilife Village, and well… you know the rest, Latias.”

The remainder of the flight above the clouds is awkward and silent.

The clouds part over red marshlands. The trainer takes in the view of the poisonous purple pits below. A Toxicroak sprints around Psyduck, taunting it until a Golduck appears. Hippopotas roam, farting in large dark brown mud holes, flailing and chomping dead grass along the marsh bank. A Carnivine catches an unaware Yanma and munches down.

The trainer tosses a pokeball down at the Carnivine from several feet in the air as Latias continues descending. “Survival of the fittest, right?”

“Piiii! Espeon!” Espon shouts, agreeing. The trainer can feel Espeon’s desire to fight Carnivine.

“You’ll get the chance, Espeon. First, we need to get a few Source Unown. We’ll take a break after the first seven letters. Then, well regroup.”

“You don’t have the luxury. I’m afraid,” Latias says. “You do not need to rush, but it’s best to tackle this in order. I have a specific set of instructions I am to follow, and I cannot deviate. Once you gained the ability to summon me for this task, we became bound until the end of the journey, trainer. We resonate at the same frequency, and no other trainer can summon me until you get to Mirage Island and defeat the Emerald dragon.

Mountains create a ring around the fresh water, shielding it from prying eyes, the elements, and wild pokemon.

Latias descends to the center of the lake and leaves the trainer on a small island in the middle of the water.

The trainer stares at the cave’s entrance.

Gible grabs his pant leg and Espeon stands tall beside him. It uses Future Sight of its own accord. Like before, nothing happens.

The trainer notices and looks back at Latias. He smiles. “It’s going to be like this from here on out, Espeon,” he says. “No tricks and no shortcuts. We battle, win and press on.” A face flashes in the trainer’s mind. He freezes and looks into Espeon’s eyes. He sees the face again, but can’t make it out. He shakes his head.

“Pi?” Espeon asks, confused. It tilts its head to the side. The sun gleams off the gem in its forehead.

“As an Eon entity, I am timeless. I shall wait for you nearby,” Latias interrupts. Her red feathers shimmer in the sunlight. The trainer looks at her large, bird-like eyes.

He puts his head down. “Did you see the face in my mind, Latias?”

“Yes,” Latias responds. “Twin flames. Twin dragons. Twin souls.”

The trainer observes his thoughts. “I don’t remember her name…”

“Emotions need not have much logic, but I suppose you cannot identify your path through scent, so you are forced to use reason, words and touch to prove or disprove your feelings. Such an interesting existence for such fragile creatures,” Latias remarks, examining the trainer’s face. She glances at Espeon and feels its thrill to push forward and battle. “Do you have any questions pertaining to the Abundant Medium?” She asks.

The trainer pauses and scratches his chin. “I have a few, but just tell me what you know — I know the capital letter ‘A’ Unown is being protected by a medium who uses an Absol. That’s about it,” the trainer says, checking the scroll he received from Captain Cyllene. “I came with a team of six. I should be fine.”

Latias ascends and says, “Don’t expect a conventional battle,” she says winking. She takes off, vanishing into the blue sky.

The trainer and his pokemon enter the cave.

They go down step-by-step.

They reach the bottom.

Azelf floats, sleeping in the center of the room. Drops from the cavern’s ceiling form puddles around it. Each drop echoes in the silent cave.


The trainer steps on a puddle.

Azelf opens its eyes halfway and nods.

The ground shakes and the cavern expands outward on all sides, leaving the trainer, his pokemon and Azelf on wet sand and dirt platform in the middle of an empty space. Stars begin to flicker and appear in the distance, and Azelf rises up.

Azelf presses its palms together in prayer, and reality tears behind it.

An Absol leaps from a portal in the air followed by a winged-woman with bat wings on her head.

The trainer stares her down, not sure what to make of her. “Can you fight in that?” he asks, gawking at her physique and outfit.

Morrigan Aensland,” the woman says, using two bat wings protruding from her lower back to fly near Absol. “If you’re here, you totally know why. Let’s not waste time, kay?” Morrigan says, manifesting a scythe made of Absol horns.

“Whoa, slow down, lady!” the trainer shouts, waving his hands. “You come out of a rift in space wearing lingerie. I’m from the future. Do you comprehend how long it’s been since I’ve seen a woman with good teeth and clean hair? I can smell your perfume from here! You smell–“

“–Gross!” Morrigan yells, scoffing at the trainer. “Defeat me first, mortal.”

“Not what I would have said, but okay. Forget the pleasantries, then. Let’s just do this as hard and fast as we can!” the trainer says, over-eager.

“Um. Okay. Well, if that’s how you feel, I won’t hold back,” Morrigan says. She flings her scythe at the trainer. It spins and strikes the ground between his feet. “Choose your first Pokémon, trainer,” Morrigan commands.

The trainer tosses a pokeball. He looks at Espeon. “Hey, Espeon, no hard feelings, okay?”

Sylveon leaps out of the pokeball. Its beautiful ribbons upset Espeon.

Espeon looks away.

“Your Espeon is jealous, isn’t she?” Morrigan asks, giggling to herself. “I’ve never seen something like that. Are you sure you’re ready to battle me? Your Pokémon don’t appear to get along.”

Espeon kicks sand at Sylveon. Sylveon barks back and uses a light swift attack against Espeon. Espeon tries to teleport, but the move fails and Sylveon headbutts Espeon straight on.

“Enough!” Morrigan shouts, attracting Azelf’s attention. “Trainer, let’s go! Absol, take on Sylveon!” she shouts, recalling her scythe with magic. Once the weapon hits her palm, she rushes the trainer. “Now, we fight!”


The trainer blocks her scythe with his sword. He knocks Morrigan back.

She kicks up a flurry with her wings, sending him tumbling across the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Espeon paces, barking at Sylveon. Hoping for it to lose.

Absol roars and the crescent moon-shaped horn its head glows. It lunges at Sylveon who dodges at the right time.

“Espeon, relax!” he shouts, running and evading Morrigan’s scythe, while avoiding her flying punches and kicks. “Sylveon Misty Terrain!” he shouts, rolling out of the scythe’s path, and deflecting the hit with his sword.

Sylveon glows pink and pink mist rises from the ground.

Morrigan catches her reflected weapon and holds it up high. Blue crystals appear above her head. “Crystal Homing Mass!” she announces. “I learned this in Drangleic! Now show me what you can do!” She dashes toward the trainer.

His feet don’t move. “I’ve never seen anything like that!” he shouts, unsure if he should be afraid. A crystal projectile hits the trainer and explodes on impact. Glass and crystal fragments fly in all directions. More energy masses launch themselves at the trainer.

He strokes them with his sword, then gets an idea. He glances over at Sylveon.

Absol uses a Slash attack, then tries to follow it up with a Sucker Punch. Sylveon flinches, and doesn’t see Absol approach.

“Absol, Iron Tail!” Morrigan shouts.

The trainer manages to evade her stare. He sprints and catches Absol’s Iron Tail attack with his blade.

“Now, Sylveon! Moonblast!” he shouts.


Thanks for reading. Let me know what you thought about it.
What works? What doesn’t? Is there anything that stands out as interesting regarding the characters so far? Are the descriptions vivid enough? Is the dialogue too simple? Etc.

Any feedback (especially critical) is appreciated. Thank you.

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