Emerald Espeon Pt. 5

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Thanks.

Any feedback is appreciated. Share if it’s good.

Espeon stares its opponents down.

Latios and Latios admire Espeon’s nonchalance. They prepare to showdown.

The trainer approaches the battle area and waves Espeon over. “Hey, pal, I know you’re in one of your moods, but these are ride Pokémon, legendary ones at that. We can’t just—You can’t just, you know… go full Umbreon on them as an Espeon,” the trainer says, standing firm. He shivers and hides his squirming by wriggling his toes. He respects Espeon’s space and bows.

Espeon smiles. “Pai-Yooooo!” It howls.

The trainer smiles back at Espeon. “Thanks, I knew you’d understand. Remember, Nekotama, we’re from a different time. We should stick together as best we can, you know? Anyway, knock ‘em’ dead, Espeon!” The trainer says, noticing a smirk unfurl on Espeon’s face as he turns. Then, he realizes what that smirk is and freezes.

Espeon vanishes.


Violet and scarlet plumes burst and scatter around the battlefield.

“Aaaaaak!” One of the dragons wails behind a cloud of sand.



Espeon tumbles out of the sand plume and slams against a palm tree.

It shakes it off, staggering to its feet.

Espeon’s eyes glow bright. It growls and its fur stands on end.

A black aura appears around its head and stuns it.

Latios dashes from across the shore, using Agility as it flies, decreasing the gaps between its down and feathers, and altering the base aerodynamic quality of its wings.

“Espeon, move! Shadow Ball to the face – try slightly below average power and see what it does, okay? You saw what Latias did to Weavile. I’m not sure how-“

Espeon snaps out of it. A black energy ball covered with electricity forms in front of the gem on its forehead. The energy mass increases in size and fires in Latios’ direction before the trainer finishes speaking.

Latios stops moving and hovers still. A red aura traces its body. Then, Latios shines bright and its violet feathers become glossy, violet mirrors.

The Shadow Ball bounces off of Latios’ Mirror Coat, enabling Latios to control it and use Mirror Move with Espeon’s attack.

“Eeep?” Espeon mutters, confused.

Boosh! Plow! Poof!

Espeon gets whacked by the mirrored Shadow Ball and staggers.

“You don’t need me to tell you when to use Recover, Espeon!” The trainer yells, clenching his fists, shaking from the excitement. “Now, since Future Sight doesn’t work, we’ll have to rely on good ol’ strategy! Bait it in and dodge until you can dazzle it!”

Espeon barks in agreement and leaps out of the way of Latias’ Steel Wing.


Sand billows up as her wing hits a dune.

Latios fires a Hyper Beam in conjunction with Latias’ Steel Wing. It clips Espeon, singeing some of its fur. Latias zips around Latios and ruffles its feathers.

Espeon tries to teleport.

It fails.

Latias’ feathers become like mirrors. Latios uses Calm Mind and light surrounds its body, then it uses Focus Energy. All the while, Latias’ feathers become more reflective.

Espeon tries to teleport again.

It fails again.

Espeon launches into the air, evading another Hyper Beam from Latios. It leaps right in front of Latias and notices the Mirror Coat.

Espeon avoids attacking Latias. Instead, it runs up and over Latias’ head and dives back to the ground, landing on its feet.

For a split second, Espeon sees Latios’ Hyper Beam hit Latias. Espeon smirks.

The beam bounces off Latias reflective feathers.

It slams into Espeon, exploding on impact. The Hyper Beam knocks Espeon to the ground, dazing and stunning it.

Espeon quickly comes to. Rising to its feet, Espeon is eager and ready for a phenomenal victory! “Paaaaryuuu!” It roars standing firm, anticipating a Dragon Claw attack from Latios. The quick, heavy slash attack misses, leaving behind a black and purple trail of fire on the ground, billowing up a geyser of sand and beach debris.

Espeon leaps against Latios’ face and bites Latios’ beakless snout, sinking its fangs deep enough to hit Latios’ gums.

“Raaagh!” Latios wails, flailing and jerking. It grabs Espeon with its purple hands and flies up into the air. Latios spins in a perfect circle several times and dives back to the ground.

“Espeon, Dazzling Gleam! Its face! Quick, before it slams you down with that Seismic Toss!” the trainer yells. He watches, excited, anxious and filled with admiration. What a profound and dangerous, yet mysterious adventure filled with the fascinating creatures called Pokémon.

He watches Espeon blast Latios with a direct Dazzling Gleam.

It’s super effective.

Latios crashes into the ground, bouncing and tumbling, leaving a plume of violet feathers scattered in its disastrous wake. Latios tries to get up from a pile of sand and rubble, but its wings are weak and its energy is faded. It glows green and Recovers while Espeon makes a beeline for it, swift and silent.

The trainer smiles at the trials of the past, challenges of the present and the victories of the future.

Energy blasts shaped like stars manifest around Latias, who dives from above, using Swift to attack Espeon. Each star spirals in Espeon’s direction, striking like a horde of beautiful meteors crashing into a single target.

Espeon lets out a howl, then collapses, after struggling to take a few steps. It looks at the trainer, exhales, then takes a deep breath and exhales again.

Latios swoops down from above, diving at incredible speed toward Espeon. Its talons glow bright and attempts another Dragon Claw. Espeon uses Calm Mind. Latios hits Espeon head on while Espeon launches another Shadow Ball.

Whomp! Thwack! Boom!

Smoke and sand swirl across the beach. When the smoke clears, Latios is smiling, covered in bruises and winded. It makes a thumbs up with its claw and uses Recover. It makes a clapping gesture and uses Calm Mind, then uses Future Sight against Espeon.

Espeon smiles, but the smile is short-lived. Latias makes a direct hit with her Steel Wing attack, crushing Espeon against the ground. Espeon squirms and hops back to its feet, breathing heavily and looking angry.

“Espeon! Use Morning Sun to heal yourself, quick!” the trainer shouts. Espeon nods and its fur glows. Sunlight traces Espeon. “Watch out for Latias’ Hyper Beam, and use Dazzling Gleam when you have an opening.”

Espeon evades Latias’ Hyper Beam, and its eyes glow. Diamonds made of electricity and light manifest in front of it. The diamonds fire like homing missiles, striking swift and stunning Latias briefly.

“Now! Shadow Ball!” the trainer calls out.

Air swirls around Espon and a black orb filled with electricity fires from in front of its forehead.


Latios’ Future Sight attack disrupts Espeon and knocks it down instantly.

“Grib! Grib! Gibble!” the trainer’s Gibble wails, awkwardly waddling on the scene like a baby shark with legs. Gibble stands beside the trainer and barks, cheering Espeon on. “Graaaa!” Gibble barks, proud and encouraging.

“Go on, Espeon! Get up!” the trainer cheers. “Morning Sun, again, if you can heal yourself. The clouds are rolling in fast. It might rain on the cape soon.”

A droplet hits the sand not a moment too soon.

“Well, that’s exciting,” the trainer says, sighing at the droplet. He watches Gibble scramble to hide from the rain, and tosses a gi out of his bag. “Hold it over your head, Gibble,” he says, helping Gibble stay dry.

When the trainer looks up, Espeon is waiting for the next command.

Both Latias and Latios fly over and congratulate Espeon and the trainer. Their feathers wick the rain water and keep them dry. The dragon twins stare at the trainer and then Espeon.

Latias speaks using telepathy, “Your team is worthy trainer. You may summon us as needed. Your Espeon fought bravely. As much as we would like to continue, we know why you’re here,” Latias says into the trainer’s mind. She nods at Latios, who speaks telepathically as well.

“Which one of us will take you to the first Source Unown: Unown Alpha and the Abundant Medium?” Latios asks, curious. The dragons hover in place.

The trainer looks at Gibble. “Any preferences?”

Gibble jumps for joy and runs around both Latias and Latios, frolicking and admiring their fish-like appearance. He thinks of a flying Magikarp and jumps on Latias’ back. “Graaa! Gibble!” It shouts, excited.

“Alright, let’s go back to the village, get some rest and hit the ground in a few days. I’m exhausted, and I’m sure you guys are too,” the trainer says, mounting the legendary Pokémon. Espeon teleports onto Latias’ back. “Can you carry all of us Latias?”

Latias looks at her twin, and chuckles. She glows green and heals the party to full health then soars to the skies.

“The Abundant Medium is located deep below Lake Valor in the Crimson Mirelands. The ancient battle that formed the lake required a fearsome Pokemon and equally fearsome trainer to guard Source Unown “A”. The guardians greatly exceed my counterpart and I in skill and ability. Are you ready?” Latias asks.

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