Emerald Espeon Pt. 4

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Let me know what you think. Any feedback will help me improve. Thanks.

*This is not related to anything in any of the games. It’s pure fanfiction and not an embedded spoiler of any upcoming thing in the works.*

*Written and published on mobile. Excuse typos and inconsistencies in my tenses and grammar. Please point them out so I can correct myself. Thanks. Gracias. Merci beaucoup. ありがとうございます, and all that.

Espeon and Gible stare at the trainer, then follow him to the edge of the cape.

The trainer takes an instrument out of his pocket and plays the melody to summon Latios and Latias.

A hurricane kicks up in the ocean.

Water billows up from a single point of origin, slamming back into the depths.

Violet and Scarlet vortexes shoot up from between the waves and launch into the sky.

Both vortexes spiral around each other and then beeline for the trainer who braces himself for a battle. He looks at Gible and Espeon, then reaches into his waistband and tosses a pokeball. Weavile leaps out, prepared for battle.

Both dragons touch down in front of the trainer:

Latios hovers behind its scarlet twin, Latias.

Latias spreads its wings and raises its three-fingered claws, then roars.

The trainer and his Weavile stand firm against the twin dragon menace!


Latias uses a steel wing, wasting no time. It misses. Weavile dodges the attack by doing a front flip.

“Now! Ice beam, Weavile, and then Dark Pulse when you get an opening. It’s psychic and dragon, you can smell its typing. Do your best and get it to yield—we’re not fighting to the death, ok?”

“Aaaaroooo-Weave-Weavile!” Weavile shouts, somersaulting and evading another quick Steel Wing attack.

“How does Latias coat its wings with steel so quickly? I wonder if the Psychic and Dragon typing allows it to attract specific elements to its Draconic feathers?” The trainer asks himself, taking notes. He documents Latias’ attacks and makes diagrams of the airflow and particles around its wings.

Latias dodges Weavile’s Ice Beam. She flies to left and then around Weavile, then attempts to use Steel Wing again.


Weavile stops Latias’ metal-coated swipe with a Slash. Its sharp claws start to crackle under the pressure of Latias’ wing.

“Preeeeeeyuuuu!” Latias howls, enjoying the battle. She latches onto Weavile and flings it into the air. Weavile flails, swinging wildly, trying to tilt to its feet.

“Weavile!” It howls, shrieking, afraid and confused at its impending defeat and possible death. Weavile squirms and manages to look at the trainer.

Time slows down as it uses Agility in an effort to gain some control over its rapid descent from the heavens.

Latias swoops down from above.

It uses Steel Wing one last time.

Bam! Whoosh! Thud!

Weavile hits the sand. Its silent, mangled body tumbles across the shore. Sand bounces up with each violent, bone-twisting thud.

The trainer says a prayer for his longtime friend. He makes a gesture and tries not to cry. He takes a deep breath and sends out another Pokémon.

Latias lunges at him. He tosses a rock and rolls out of the way. Latias laughs and picks the trainer up by his leg. It holds the trainer up by the shoulders and its eyes glow.

Light circles Weavile’s body and restores it.

Latias’ counterpart, Latias, hovers over to the trainer and Latias’ position in the sky.

Latias nods. “Wa-Ruuuu-Oooooar!” It shouts, satisfied. It descends and places the trainer on his feet. Latias glides over to Weavile.

The two Pokémon stare each other down.

Latias extends a talon to Weavile. Weavile stares at the trainer, who stares back and shrugs. “Is this really that weird after Arceus? I’ll buy it. It’s well-written enough, isn’t it?”

Weavile smiles at the trainer and shakes claws and paws with Latias. Weavile crosses its arms then bows. Its red mane looks like a large, beautiful, Japanese-style fan. Sand glistens on Weavile’s black fur and cat-like whiskers. It holds its bow for several seconds, then stares at Latias, curious and respectful.

Latias ascends in a vertical figure-8. Her afterimage looks like a red hourglass.

Weavile dashes back to its trainer.

The trainer pets Weavile and gives it a strip of grilled Remoraid. “Thanks, Weavile. I thought you died, man. Welcome back. You’re the best typing I’ve got for this. I didn’t want to bring Frosslass or Gengar. It’s too warm for Frosslass and Gengar doesn’t like the beach. I think it’s scared of the Duskulls, or something. Anyway, do you feel comfortable — you know what, no—- I won’t do that to you. Here’s a piece of Stantler jerky.” The trainer lets his friend eat.

“Espeon, I’d hate to ask, but I really want to wrap this up and I don’t want to send anyone else out. I didn’t come with the best types for this and I don’t want to lose anyone,” the trainer asks Espeon, who’s observing Gible sleeping against a pile Gyarados scales.

Espeon turns to the trainer. It tilts its head, feigning confusion.

“Okay. Never mind. You could just say ‘no,’ Espeon. It’s not like I need you to fight my battles for me. I just thought—”

Espeon’s large eyes reflect the trainer like black mirrors behind glossy membranes.

“I get it. You think the Gible is special. You’re jealous,” the trainer says. He exhales and shakes his head. He crosses his arms and thinks.

Espeon growls.

The trainer walks away, confused and unamused. He shakes it off. It was a weird Eevee when he found it and it’s a weirder Espeon. The trainer brushes off the thought with a thought terminating cliché—“It is what it is,” he mutters.

Latias stares the trainer down and nods.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” The trainer shouts, remembering that he brought Sylveon with him. “A fairy type. Of course.”

The trainer flicks his wrist and tosses Sylveon’s pokeball. Sylveon leaps out and beelines for Espeon.

Espeon teleports beside it, uses hypnosis and kicks sand on Sylveon. Espeon stares at the trainer.

Latias and Latios fly over to the trainer after observing the scene. The two simply agree to allow the trainer to summon them. They both want to fight Espeon.

The trainer shivers.

“Are you sure?” He asks the twin dragons. “Espeon and I are pals, but it’s in a bad mood right now. Best to leave it alone when it gets like this. Espeon is… powerful. It isn’t a regular Espeon.”

The trainer and the the dragon twins stare at Espeon. The trainer leans in, and whispers, “It evolved at night.” The trainer shivers again.

Latios and Latias disregard their instincts and fly around Espeon. They hover in unison while barking and chirping simultaneously. Espeon licks its paws and kicks more sand at Sylveon.

Sylveon continues snoring after being put to sleep by Espeon’s Hypnosis attack. It scrambles to its feet, waking up. It sees Espeon and gets so angry it lunges with its fangs out. Espeon kicks sand into its mouth and Sylveon coughs, stopping mid-attack. The trainer calls Sylveon back into its pokeball.

Espeon agrees to fight Latios and Latias.

The three run to a clearing at edge of Veilstone Cape.

Espeon stares its opponents down.

Latios and Latios admire Espeon’s nonchalance. They prepare to showdown.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it, and hope you found it entertaining and well-written. I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.

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