Emerald Espeon Pt. 3

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Let me know what you think. Any feedback will help me improve. Thanks.

*This is not related to anything in any of the games. It’s pure fanfiction and not an embedded spoiler of any upcoming thing in the works.*

Read part 2 here.

Braviary glides over the ocean, descending on Veilstone Cape, swift and silent. It’s wings shimmer with the ocean. Basculin and Tentacool rise for air, observing Braviary and the trainer.

Braviary flaps its wings to stabilize itself. It doesn’t kick up sand or disturb the environment. Its dual psychic and flying typing allow it to commune with nature, similar to a Natu, Xatu, or the “slow” water species Pokémon (Slowpoke/bro/king and toad). Braviary asks the leaves not to rustle, and the sands not to rise in the same way it asked the waves to part to help cool itself down with the ocean mist.

“Thanks, Braviary,” the trainer says, jumping off Braviary’s back and onto the soft beach sand. The trainer looks around. Braviary nudges itself against him, then spreads its wings and soars around the local area in case the trainer summons it. The trainer runs to the edge of the cape and unfurls Cogita’s scroll. “Latios and Latios,” he says to himself, releasing Espeon and Gible from their respective pokeballs. He looks at Gible and pets its head. “Thanks for joining the team, Gible.” He looks at Espeon. “I mean, thanks for joining me. Nekota–Espeon, I mean, is looking for something. We decided to travel together when I found it as an Eevee some years ago.”

Gible listens, curios and appreciative. It looks at Espeon and tucks its head down in disappointment. Espeon stares at the Gible for a few seconds, then vanishes.

Gible looks around.

Espeon appears behind it and its eyes glow. The gem in Espeon’s forehead flickers.

“Espeon!” trainer calls out, seconds after Espeon uses Future Sight. Espeon chuckles, uses a weak Psychic blast to knock Gible into the sand and it teleports to the other end of the beach.

Espeon’s Future Sight attack appears in the sky just beyond the shoreline, where the ocean floor drops.

Boom! Zzzwhack!

A purple blast of kinetic energy slams into a Gyarados observing a school of Tentacools.

“BWAROAR! Buh-Raaaaaa!” Gyarados shrieks, blinded and slightly concussed. It begins to Thrash, splashing water violently. Gyarados’ blue scales glow with a red aura as it uses Focus Energy. It stops Thrashing and identifies the trainer and his pokemon in the distance. Gyarados leaps into the air, then dives into the water. Twisters explode and swirl in the water behind it, knocking back schools of oblivious Magikarp and Remoraid.

The trainer glances at Espeon, who’s sitting calm in the sand.

Gyarados slams against the coast.

Espeon teleports beside Gible, uses Reflect and Light Screen, encasing Gible in a fortified Psychic Barrier, then teleports Gible over the water. Its light screen and barrier allow Gible to be buoyant over the ocean salt, giving it the appearance of gliding over the water like a miniature Garchomp. Without fail, it rushes headfirst into battle.

Espeon chuckles to itself, using Future Sight to predict what’s going to happen next, while strategically giving Gible aid via the associated Future Sight kinetic blast.

The trainer observes. “Do your best Gible!” he shouts, running closer to the action. “I should’ve brought more pokemon with me. I came unprepared for this. I’m not even sure about Latias and Latios.” He looks at Espeon. Its eyes and gem flicker occasionally while Gible dodges Gyarados’ thrashing.

The trainer takes out a journal and annotates the scene. He notices Espeon’s eyes and forehead gem glowing faint and steady as it discreetly uses Future Sight. “What’s Espeon up to?” the trainer mutters, recalling when he took Espeon in. He gets pulled out of his memory when Gyarados spews out a Hyper Beam from its giant mouth.

Whoosh! Bam! Boom!

Sand explodes in a trail behind the Hyper Beam blast. The blast hits Espeon, but the impact is nullified by Espeon’s dual barriers and higher level.

Gible launches forward, attempting to headbutt the angry Gyarados.

Gyarados swats it away with a Tail Whip, knocking the Gible like a pebble across the waves. Gible shakes itself off, still buoyant over the salt in the ocean due to Espeon’s barriers.

Gyarados attempts to Tail Whip Gible again. Gible Bites on to Gyarados’ tail and proceeds to grind its sharp fangs against the sturdy scales.

Krrrrrrsh! Krrrrrrch! Krrrrrchk!

Gyarados wails, slamming its tail about. It launches into another Trash, and kicks up Twisters over the water. It spits out wild Hyper Beams into the air.

Burnt, unidentifiable flying Pokémon fall from the sky, singed and smoking. The trainer covers his face to avoid the stench. “Espeon,” he calls out, coughing. “Enough, enough!” he shouts.

Espeon sighs and teleports onto Gyarados’ head. Espeon uses Hypnosis and the Gyarados collapses. “Catch it, defeat it or eat it, Gible? You pick.” The trainer gives Espeon a dirty look. “Gible wasn’t ready for that, Espeon. Next time, wait for my order!”

Espeon knocks the trainer down with a weak Psychic blast, then laughs.

The trainer stands up and dusts himself off. He ignores Espeon. “Well, Gible? What do you think?”

Gible’s eyes flicker. It tries to hack at the Gyarados, smashing its claws against its tough outer shell. Gible pauses and stares at its rough, scaly paws, then attempts to eat the Gyarados again. It chips a nail, then a tooth and begins to cry.

The trainer takes a knee beside it and hugs it. “Maybe you’re still too young to eat that. I’ve never raised a Gible before and without knowing your age, I don’t know how strong your bite should be,” the trainer says. “All we can do is get you strong and see what happens if and when you decide to evolve.”

Gible nods and hugs the trainer. Espeon observes.

“I should summon the twin dragons, then we can start going down the list,” the trainer remarks, still wondering what to do about the snoring Gyarados by his feet. “I’m not sure how many more of these I can catch. Espeon, Dazzling Hide?”

Espeon licks its fur and sighs. Its fur glows and shimmering light radiates around Espeon. Espeon flicks its head and launches diamond-shaped energy bombs at Gyarados. Each hit sounds like glass shattering. Gyarados flails, its insides roasting from the energy. It dies, leaving behind a beautiful, dazzling hide.

“This’ll fetch a pretty penny, guys,” the trainer says, peeling radiant shell shards from Gyarados’ corpse. “Is the meat still edible, Espeon?” the trainer asks.

Espeon teleports closer to the steaming Gyarados and sniffs. It shrugs and bites through the hides. Espeon chews and nods.

Gible smiles, rushes next to Espeon and starts eating.

The trainer removes several pounds of Gyarados’ Dazzling Scales. “Gible, can you cut around where you and Espeon are eating so I can take the rest to the village?”

Gible nods and slashes the giant shrimp into chunks after enough scales are removed. The trainer and Espeon teleport the fish meat and dazzling hide to Professor Laventon at a nearby campsite, then they teleport themselves back.

“We have to test your max range at some point, Neko–Espeon,” the trainer says, admiring Gible as it eats its food. “I’m not sure how long we’ll travel together, nor am I sure what you were up to with that Gible—” the trainer interrupts himself. He sits stunned. “Is that Gible eating Dazzling Hide?” he asks out loud. “That should be poisonous to it? It’s imbued with Fairy-attuned energy. Fairies have a type advantage over Dragon types. It’s like using a fireball on a piece of paper.” The trainer continues watching Gible enjoying the scales and Gyarados flesh. “Was this your plan all along? Did you know it would end this way?”

Espeon shrugs and continues eating.

“Fair enough,” the trainer responds, not pressing the matter. “I need to summon the twin dragons, Espeon. I grabbed a few pokemon when we saw Laventon. Can you use Future Sight to see what will happen when I play the twin melody?”

Espeon’s eyes glow, and a black aura forms around its head.

Pop! Thud!

The aura explodes knocking Espeon to the ground. Angry, Espeon gets up and tries to use Future Sight on the instrument again. The dark aura gets Espeon again.

Espeon shakes its head.

“I see, a magic force of some kind prevents you from using Future Sight on this. I wonder if that’s going to affect us down the road,” the trainer says.

Espeon and Gible stare at the trainer, then follow him to the edge of the cape.

The trainer takes an instrument out of his pocket and plays the melody to summon Latios and Latias.

A hurricane kicks up in the ocean.

Water billows up from a single point of origin, slamming back into the ocean.

Violet and Scarlet vortexes shoot up from between the waves and launch into the sky.

Both vortexes spiral around each other and then bee-line for the trainer who braces himself for a battle. He looks at Gible and Espeon, then reaches into his waistband and tosses a pokeball. Weavile leaps out, prepared for battle.

Both dragons touch down in front of the trainer:

Latios hovers behind its scarlet twin, Latias.

Latias spreads its wings and raises its three-fingered claws, then roars.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it, and hope you found it entertaining and well-written. I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.

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