Emerald Espeon Pt. 2

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy. Let me know what you think. Any feedback will help me improve. Thanks.

*This is not related to anything in any of the games. It’s pure fanfiction and not an embedded spoiler of any upcoming thing in the works.

The trainer and his Pokémon finish breakfast.

Espeon and Gibble return to their respective poke balls and the trainer summons a Braviary. Its large wings cover the morning sun. Braviary’s purple crest shines on its forehead.

“Karaaaa! Karaaak!” Braviary cackles, acknowledging the trainer. It hovers beside the trainer and waits for the trainer to rest on the hang glider beneath its large, sturdy talons.

“Kaaaraaaaak-kaaakoooo!” The trainer mounts the glider and Braviary departs, swift, majestic and silent. Braviary’s beautiful plumes trail behind it, glittering in the brilliant sunlight. It soars through the clouds. Water droplets hit the trainer’s face.

“Up ahead, Braviary. Descend in front of that cottage, please. Thanks,” the trainer says, patting the bird. “Hey, Cogita!” He calls out. In front of him a stone bridge heads a gold-brick path. “Cogita! I’ve got some news! Need your help again!” he shouts, sprinting toward Cogita’s cottage.

Smoke rises from Cogita’s chimney. It smells like fried Farfetch’d eggs and grilled Oddish with toast. The aroma wafts around the clearing where the cottage rests, occasionally drawing in Ursaring growls and Luxray howls. She steps outside and greets the trainer. He catches her up to speed.

“That’s when Espeon turned emerald, briefly. And, then…” he continues, recounting every detail. “…that’s when the Commander mentioned…” he continues, explaining his quest to get to Mirage Island and find the Emerald dragon. “Both the Captain and the Commander said to start here. So, what do you think, Cogita?” the trainer asks, scratching his chin.

Cogita leans against her doorframe. The frilly decorations stand out against her gothic attire. “Well, splendid as that all sounds, trainer, I don’t actually know much about this emerald Pokémon,” she says, sighing. Her nose twitches and she smiles. “My breakfast is done, or so it seems. We can converse while I eat if you would like, trainer,” she says, inviting the trainer inside.

The trainer follows, examining the scrolls and potions neatly collected alongside groups of precious gems, stones, pokeballs and unique elemental stones. He marvels at the collection without a word. Some of Cogita’s keepsakes seem too old to be breathed or accidentally spit up on. Best to be careful. He grabs his arc phone, takes several notes as Cogita sets up her breakfast at the table.

“I think this has to do with the the 26 Mediums. I’m not sure, but I think it’s somehow related to the origin of language, or at least the western alphabet,” Cogita says, visibly hiding something. “The Unown in the forest, they were dancing several nights ago. I saw them spell something out between the glows of Gastlys and wild Ponytas scavenging. It read: ‘Seek the building block of spoken word as written not heard,’ meaning in letters,” Cogita says, not divulging all she knows.

“I’m not sure I follow, Cogita. What are the mediums?” the trainer asks.

“I’m glad you asked,” Cogita responds, excited to share what she knows, despite stating she knew nothing about the matter. She beams with delight as she announces, “The mediums are titles given to specific Pokémon trainers who can summon a unique Pokémon of their own. This is a myth that’s been spread for generations among several tribes on some of the other islands around here. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of overlap on these mediums. They were all said to be granted their power by Arceus itself. Each coming from a different time with a different mission. The 26 mediums guard the “source” Unowns — which are complete myth, but “source” Unown are like the capitalized versions. They are how the little ones are made. If my memory serves correctly, and it does, you need to defeat each of the 26 mediums and catch or defeat each “source” Unown.”

“Wow, Cogita, that sounds like a pretty big stretch. You said you didn’t know anything, and now you’re saying… a lot. A whole lot,” the trainer says, stressed and anxious. “I’m not sure I completely understand what I need to do or why. Can you condense it… you know… for, Slowbros and Drowzees.”

Cogita shrugs. “To get to Mirage Island, you need to be able to speak Unown. The only way to speak it is to commune with a source Unown. There are 26 of them. Each corresponds to a letter in the alphabet. Each also has a special, chosen trainer and chosen pokemon. These pokemon trainers are called mediums. They are the mediums, and guardians, for the Source Unown. They are responsible for seeing who’s worthy and who isn’t worthy for source communion, do you understand, so far?” Cogita asks.

The trainer nods. “So, find the source Unown, defeat their guardian and then use them to enter into the tower in Mirage Island? And, I’ll know when I get there?” the trainer asks, excited and apprehensive.

“That sums it up, trainer. Pretty much all you need,” Cogita says, gesturing with her hand. She bites her breakfast, chews and sits silently, enjoying the pokemon chattering and chirping in the trees. She grabs a scroll and Swanna-feather pen. Cogita writes a list. “Here’s how you need to tackle the mediums,” she says, handing the trainer the scroll. “Go to Latias and Latios first. All the coordinates are written below the pokemons’ names. All the details are written in invisible ink. If you can’t see it, consult with one of your pokemon. This is the only to keep prying eyes from knowing where these trainers are. You understand?”

The trainer nods. A sound plays in his head.

He examines the scroll. It reads:

Unown | Pokémon | Trainer

A | Absol | The Abundance Medium

B | Blissey | The Blissful Medium

C | Clefable | The Cliffside Medium

D | Diancie | The Diamond-Clad Medium

E | Espeon | The Energy Medium

F | Fearow | The Fearless Medium

G | Giratina | The Ghost Medium

H | Heracross | The Harvest Medium

I | Infernape | The Inferno Medium

J | Jirachi | The Joyous Medium

K | Kadabra | The Kinetic Medium

*L | Latios and Latios | They don’t have a trainer. Go here first: (coordinates)

M | Mantine | The Maritime Medium

N | Ninetales | The Nine-Tailed Medium

O | Octillery | The Ornery Medium

P | Poliwrath | The Power-Punching Medium

Q | Qwilfish | The Quilled Medium

R | Rapidash | The Rapid-Dashing Medium

S | Stunfisk | The Stunning Medium

T | Talonflame | The Taloned Medium

U | Umbreon | The Umbral Medium

V | Victiny | The Victory Medium

W | Wyrdeer | The Wandering Medium

X | Xatu | The Xyloid Medium

Y | Yanmega | The Yawning Medium

Z | Zoruark Twins | The Zarathustrian Medium

“Will I find out about Espeon changing colors if I embark on this journey? I care about that more than anything else, if I’m being honest,” the trainer says.

Cogita finishes her meal and shrugs. “I don’t know, but head to Latios and Latias. You need to be able to summon them first. Then, you can tackle the list from the top. I warn you though, it won’t be easy. I don’t know if the myths are true or not either. I’ll commune with you through my Alakazam. Your Espeon should be able to mediate using Calm Mind. Now, go on, trainer, adventure awaits,” Cogita says.

The trainer cluthes his waistband. He pats Espeon’s pokeball, then pats Gibble’s pokeball. Both are on the right side of his hip, holstered in his active pokemon pouches. His other pouch carries pokeballs in “seed” form that expand when their resonance matches a pokemon’s.

He summons Braviary. “Veilstone Cape,” he says.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it, and hope you found it entertaining and well-written. I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.

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