Emerald Espeon Pt. 1

This is a multi-part Pokémon fanfiction short story. Read and enjoy.

*This is not related to anything in any of the games. It’s pure fanfiction and not an embedded spoiler of any upcoming thing in the works.

Clouds roll overhead. Grass shimmers beneath the radiant sun, accompanying sparkling waves. A nameless trainer tosses bait into the water. The trainer’s Espeon observes, patient and stoic.

“Espeon, Future Sight,” the trainer says, readying more bait. Flabebes, Joltiks, Yanma and Ninjask wings line the bait box. “Let me know where they’re going to bite, yeah, Nekomata?”

Espeon growls.

“Sorry, I haven’t figured out what to call you yet, Eevee– I mean, Espeon. I didn’t plan to stay with you this long; hence your name. We’ll figure that one out later, friend. For now, I need food,” the trainer says, petting Espeon. “Anyway, future sight to where the fish are gonna’ be. We have all– What is it?” the trainer asks, noticing Espeon’s ears twitching.

Espeon looks at the thistle and tall grass on a hill overlooking the Clamber Claw Cliffs Lake. “Pa-looo!” Espeon shouts, its eyes glowing light blue. The crimson bead on its forehead twinkles, then flashes and returns to normal.

“A rare pokemon? Something better than food?” the trainer asks his Espeon. He closes the bait box, folding it and then fitting it into a pouch on his waist. “After Cici’s request, I think I’m all Margikarp’ed out anyway. Maybe we’ll eat something else. Fried Swanna breasts and steamed Tangela vines, or maybe we can have the Tauros Steaks?”

Espeon’s nostrils flare. It shakes its head. “Rooo,” Espeon says.

“Fish?” the trainer asks, double checking that his gear is packed. He adjusts his satchel.

“Pai-yooo!” Espeon responds, walking toward the cliffside.

“Beni was going to teach me how to carve Qwilfish. I’ll see if that’s on the table tonight,” the trainer says, standing beside his pokemon. “Worse comes to worst, I’ll cook up some ‘karp and call it a day, right?”

Espeon nods.

The pair examine the base of the cliff.

“Teleport,” the trainer says, vanishing and appearing at the top of the hill. “Thanks, Espeon.”

*Espeon cannot learn teleport.*

“Pai-yooo!” Espeon responds, nodding its head. Espeon’s violet fur glows bright purple. Its eyes open wide. “Paroooo,” it says, intrigued, but unimpressed.

“Dragon? A baby dragon? Here? In the Coronet Highlands? Like the Gible in the cave?–oh man!” the trainer shouts, glaring at the tall grass.

Raindrops burst into specks as they hit the light screen over the trainer and Espeon’s heads. Espeon relaxes and stares at the trainer. “Puaaaa-roo,” it says.

“A Gible? You sure?” the trainer asks, taking a mobile phone out of his side pocket.

A blue fin sweeps through the tall grass before the trainer can finish his sentence.

He looks at Espeon. Espeon glances back.

“Okay, then, let’s not overdo this one,” the trainer says. “We want to catch it, not kill it, right?” he asks.

Espeon nods. In its mind’s eye, Espeon sees the Gible observing them from inside the tall grass, unaware its fin is partially exposed.

“If we do kill it, the shop likes Dazzling Rough Skin, so if it – uh, okay? what’s it doing?”

Gible’s fin moves up and down. Sands erupts from the ground.

“Light Screen!” the trainer shouts, shielding his eyes. “Yawn, and I’ll hit it with a Gigaton Ball.”

Gible cuts through the tall grass. Grass flies up and mixes with the blowing sand and kicked-up debris. Espeon dodges a tackle.

Gible’s claws glow purple. Its Dragon Claw hits Espeon square in the face.

Nothing happens.

Gible uses another Dragon Claw.

Nothing happens.

Espeon yawns.

Gible gets woozy. It kicks up another Sand Attack, unfocused and half-dazed. Gible passes out, letting out a strange, faint, shrill cry.

“That’s it, Espeon. I’ll throw—“

“–Baaa-Roooo! Roar!” echoes from the distance.

Thump! Thud! Boom! Thud! Thud!


An Alpha Garchomp explodes onto the scene.

“What the hell is that?” the trainer asks aloud. He takes a few steps back to give Espeon some room. “This thing looks mean, Espeon. Dazzling Gleam,” he shouts, arms crossed. He watches in horror as the Alpha Garchomp evades Espeon’s Dazzling Gleam in one swift motion.

Garchomp opens its jaw.

“Espeon! Reflect!” the trainer shouts.


Garchomp chomps down on Espeon’s head, smashing its teeth through Espeon’s reflected barrier.

“Oh…” the trainer mutters. His joyous fist falling by his side. “Oh, this is…”

Garchomp shakes Espeon, violently and viciously.

Espeon screams. The trainer throws Sticky Globs at it.

The Alpha Garchomp flings Espeon against a nearby tree, knocking down berries and apricorns. Several Sitrus Berries land by Espeon’s feet unbeknownst to its trainer. It eats one and feels rejuvenated.

Espeon hops to its feet and dodges the Garchomp’s next attack, a brutal swing, by teleporting.

Espeon appears in front of the enraged Garchomp.

“Now, Espeon,” the trainer shouts, cheering Espeon on. “Dazzling gleam! I’ll catch Gible in the meantime!” He shouts, turning to toss an ultra ball at the sleeping Gible in the tall grass.

The gem in Espeon’s forehead flashes.

The trainer’s ultra ball bounces off Gible’s fin, shattering into several pieces.

Espeon’s Dazzling Gleam knocks Garchomp back, enraging it further.

“Future Sight, Espeon!” the trainer calls out, while prepping another ultra ball for the incapacitated Gible. “Dodge! Dodge! Dodge!” he screams, throwing what could be his last Ultra Ball at the Gible.

The Ultra Ball shakes.

Garchomp Dragon Rushes Espeon. Espeon dodges again and uses Grass Knot.

The Alpha Garchomp trips, slamming into the ground.

“Recover and Psych Up, then release the strongest Psychic you can once your Future Sight hits!” the trainer shouts, encouraging his pokemon.

Espeon’s fur glows. It restores its vitality. For a moment, Espeon’s fur flashes an emerald green. The ground quakes. Rocks rise and debris hovers.

Espeon’s eyes glow.


Garchomp contorts within a wave of black and purple, violent light.

Espeon’s Psychic and Future Sight subdue it. The trainer’s Ultra Ball catches the Gible.

Espeon looks at the downed Garchomp. It nudges it. The Garchomp doesn’t move. Espeon smells it, and teleports by its trainer’s side. It nudges the trainer.

“I’m not sure, Espeon. I don’t think we should upset the natural balance, but we can’t let something like this attack anyone else,” the trainer responds, putting the Ultra Ball containing Gible in its holster. “I guess it can’t hurt to train with it, and have it join the security corps, right?”

Espeon shakes its head as if to avoid any responsibility for what the trainer might suggest in his naive optimism.

“I know. It could go either way. Have some faith. People and pokemon are only as bad as we treat them, right?”

Espeon shrugs and licks its paw.

The trainer tosses a Gigaton Ball at Garchomp. It’s an instant catch.

The duo returns to town, following the path from the mountains. It’s a warm summer day in the Coronet Highlands.

“Espeon, you almost went shiny? What’s that about?” the trainer asks.

Espeon chuckles. The duo enters Jubilife Village.

Commander Kamado welcomes the trainer and his Espeon. The Galaxy Expedition Team invites them to dinner and they chat about the trainer’s recent excursion.

“A Garchomp, you say?” Captain Cyllene asks between sips of her green tea. “We rarely see them, let alone any alphas. Was there a distortion or some other accompanying phenomenon?”

The trainer looks at Espeon.

Espeon shakes its head.

“Nothing else that I can think of at the moment,” the trainer responds curiously, respecting Espeon’s wishes.

Beni whispers something into the Captain’s ear.

Captain Cyllene nods. “Very well, in that case, after our meal, let’s convene in the Wallflower. Privately, understood?” she says, observing Commander Kamado.

Espeon’s ears perk up. The trainer pats its head and offers it a potato mochi. “I understand,” he responds.

The team and the trainer discuss the village’s needs: food, water, durable construction materials, Pokémon and other hazards.

Sunset: the lanterns lining the cobblestone streets turn on.

Evening falls. The trainer and Jubilife Village leaders speak within the Wallflower in secret.

“Is everyone accounted for, Captain?” Commander Kamado asks, sitting cross-legged on the hardwood floor. He situates himself at the head of a long straw mat.

“Sir,” Captain Cylenne responds, nodding. “We lost several men to the attack earlier. Adaman is critical condition my sources say. The Pearl Clan is dealing with their own mess as we speak. They wouldn’t go into further detail, but I have a feeling it’s all intertwined somehow. I’ll hold off on any further speculation until I learn more.”

The Commander nods. “We’re here to discuss the emerald dragon that descended in the southeast shortly after our recent excitement.”

Several team members gasp. They chat among themselves.

“Furthermore,” Captain Cyllenne adds, “We’ve heard reports that pokemon in the proximity of the emerald dragon have been observed with alternative colors–“

“Shiny Pokemon!” Professor Laventon and Akari shout in unison. They glance at each other and nod, listening intently.

“Our best scouts, the ones who can summon twin dragons, Latias and Latios, stated that they found an island that only appears under the full moon. The island is far from here, however. Cogita knows more,” Captain Cyllene says. She crosses her arms and shakes her head. “To think, we’d task you with this as well.” She sighs and looks at the Commander, then back at the trainer. “Was there more, Commander?”

“I’d like to keep the alpha Garchomp you captured for observation. If you are alright with that. We believe some alpha pokemon are mutations caused by the emerald dragon. I will have the professor study it and see what he uncovers about. If we can learn how to force mutate pokemon into alphas, then we can better defend ourselves from any oncoming threats,” Commander Kamado says, expecting an immediate response from the trainer. Before, the trainer speaks, the Commander says, “Take the Gible you captured with you. Train it. Raise it. If it was near the Garchomp you caught, then it might be affected by the same force. I think something will come of it: we uncover more, we end up with a stronger pokemon on our side, or both.”

“That’s a lot of we’s, Commander,” Professor Laventon interjects. “We’re not all in agreement with this plan. Myself included. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see what happens, but don’t you think he’s done enough for us?” he asks.

The Commander shrugs. “Captain Cyllene is the best person to ask, but her hands are full with overseeing our support at the Diamond Clan Camp. I’m strategizing with our other teams how we want to handle another matter. Our resources are spread thin, and we need information on this emerald beast. Who knows what might happen if several alpha Machamp, Scyther, Infernape and Luxray circle the gate. Or even worse, a Gengar. The entire village would disappear in one night.” He extends his palm. “I’m entrusting you with this scarlet and violet charm for your summoning flute. It will allow you to summon the twin dragons. As Captain Cyllene mentioned, go to Cogita she will know more.”

The trainer nods. Conversations continue until the Hoothoots hoot and Murkrows croon. Driflblim hum in the distance. The village sleeps and the clandestine meeting ends.

The trainer stretches in his sleeping mat, waking up with the sun beaming through a musty window.

Espeon sleeps in one corner of the bedroom area, and Gible rests near a fire pit in the trainer’s kitchen area.

“We leave for Cogita’s after breakfast,” the trainer says.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it, and hope you found it entertaining and well-written. I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.

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